• When:
  • QIC: Oompa Loompa
  • PAX: Wojo, Slaw, Edison, Hooch (FNG), Short Sale, Freight, Swimmer, Sidecar, Broke, Huckleberry, Ash Pond, Shocker (FNG), Defib, Def Leppard, Hipaa, Blart, Oompa Loompa.

Disclaimer, warm up with MNC while FNG joins circle, 10 SSH.

Forgot to pledge. Communist Q.

Simple game of chance, roll two dice, perform what the chart says based on die rolls.

Midoriyama (being mathematically challenged) could not have made worse rolls against the odds.

We rolled Elevens three times. First was Squats, run to turd shack, more Squats, run to woods. At least it took up time.

Then we rolled Elevens again.
Squats and WW ones.

Then SSH four times, Flutters twice, Hammers twice, Mountain Climbers,
Donkey Kicks, Hillbillies, then Elevens again.

Flutters and Hillbillies.

Closed with Burpees.

Welcome to the Two FNG’s Hooch (Adam Wilson) and Shocker (Omer Shedd). Way to push guys!

Prayers requests: Def’s travel, Sidecar’s uncle, each other.
YHC took us out.