• When:
  • QIC: Oompa Loompa
  • PAX: Blart, Pockets, Tyson, Tooltime, Sister Act, Tiger, Padre, Slaw, Swimmer, Madoff, Huckleberry, Roadie, Ash Pond, Padawan (FNG-2.0), Worldwide & Oompa Loompa

16 PAX, including one FNG, showed up on a Thursday afternoon for a fun run at Midoriyama.

I sent out a pre-blast about map reading to warn the PAX to avoid the upcoming beatdown.

I showed up early and pasted the AO with maps and symbols. There were 16 stations with either a triangle, diamond, circle, or square. Each symbol instructed PAX to perform 25 reps of the designated exercise. Triangles=merkins; circles=Mike Tysons; Squares=LBCs; and diamonds=burpees.

I told everyone the smartest thing they could do was get back in their cars and go home. Slaw was ordered to grab a “to go” bucket, run to the volleyball sandpit, fill the bucket with sand and return. Slaw also had to carry the bucket everywhere we went and off we go.

One FNG, so brief disclaimer, no warm up as this isn’t FIA. We counted off into two teams with the intent of one team running 16 to 1, and the other running 1-16, but, Omaha’d into individual efforts from 1-16.

Moseyed to Station 1 through Station 16. Ran 2.8 miles with 400 exercises. Q’d from the six. Or close to it. Much fun and mumble chatter was had by all.

It’s okay that two of you cussed me the entire way, and the rest sniped at me on social media. I forgive you crybabies. We will run farther the next time.

COT and a hearty welcome to Padawan.