• When: 02/03/2018
  • QIC: Roscoe
  • PAX: Roscoe, Stroganoff, Short Sale, Padre, Flintstone, Madoff, JJ, Woody, WoJo, FNG-Daaang, Rudolph, Mayor, Tube, Flush,

14 high impact men with one FNG showed up on a 21 degree morning to get better at the Gashouse/Painlab for some work.  Stroganoff hinted a possible pre-workout Ruck so I was waiting for him in the lot and we took off a little before 6am  3+ miles through the old neighborhood.  Little did we know that Woody showed up around 6 and meandered around hoping to find us on his own personal Ruck journey.

After a hopefully very clear disclaimer, we warmed up the PAX which I think at the time was only 12.  The warmup included the following:

SSH-Squats-CDD’s-Moroccan Nightclubs-LBC’s-1 burpee.

We followed this with the pledge at the shovel flag because Stroganoff is one of the most consistent HIM’s that plants the Gashouse shovel flag at his AO.  Are you listening other site Q’s?  CONSISTENTLY…I challenge you to find your flag and plant it!

We broke off at this point and I believe 5 stayed at the PainLab and 7 went to the track.

We lined up for a quick explanation of the THANG…

Two teams of 3 and 4 for a Burpee Long Jump Leap Frog.  It goes like this.  PAX one does a burpee and a long jump.  PAX 2 runs to the front of PAX one and does a burpee  and then long jump.  PAX 3 then repeats in a leap frog fashion for a 1/4 mile around the track.  There were some doubts about the duration of the exercise but everyone put in a great effort.  Several of the long jumps resulted in some slips but there were no injuries reported.  At the half-way mark we could see the parking lot below and noticed two potential PAX either joining the PainLab or breaking into our cars.  Fortunately they joined the PainLab.  #goodchoice.

After one lap of the Leap frog we planked while we went around and mentioned what we are grateful for.  Some themes were health, family, grace and the men of F3.

Then YHC explained the Rooster (Worlds Fastest Marathon) in Rock Hill.  This was a great event in Rock Hill several weeks ago and in similar temperatures.  The Gashouse was represented with three teams and ran about 800 miles or something in a little over three hours.  So with the Rooster as inspiration I had requested a Q at the Gashouse and got my wish.

The abbreviated version of the Rooster will now be called the Mini-Chicken.  It went like this…

Two teams….one PAX runs a lap around the track and tags the next PAX.  He then goes to the “pad” behind the field goal and completes 20 Merkins, 30 LBC’s, and 30 Squats and returns to wait for his turn for the next lap.  Each PAX completes 4 laps and then a team lap at the end before returning to the PainLab.  It appeared that the PAX were “fellowship moseying” around the track but in reality they were pushing/pulling each other along.  This was good to see and everyone except Madoff was gassed after each lap.

When we got to the Painlab there was some crazy gymnast inspired poses and  contortions.  Who knew the Mayor was that flexible?  (Some things can’t be unseen).

During a sort of headstand yoga thing introduced by Flush the PAX were saved by the bells and we returned for announcement and prayer requests and the COT.

Our FNG is from Greensboro and does Jiu Jitsu so we named him DAAANG as a tribute to Echo Charles from Jocko Podcast.  Welcome and I hope you meet F3Udders as soon as you post in Greensboro when you return home.

Prayers for our teenagers and their struggles, the loss of family members, but also blessings for healing.

Announcements:  Family Fellowship from Sargento February 16th and F3 Dad’s at the Chutes of Crowders Ridge on February 18th.  Tickets can be purchased in advance at this link…


Thanks for WoJo for stepping up to Q the Pain lab where he had never posted!  Great work!  JJ continues to push hard and give great effort, all the while talking Tar Heel basketball.  Flintstone has got speed!  Stroganoff was knocking out his 25 burpees a day as part of the challenge in between laps and exercise.  Way to push the rock men!

Always a pleasure to lead!