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Quality, not Quanity – 3 Pushed the Rock!

  • When: 11/13/2017
  • QIC: Stroganoff
  • PAX: Clavin, Timeframe, Stroganoff

As I pulled in to Pelican’s there was only one car in the lot…..it was Clavin.  In the next 1 – 5 minutes, Timeframe pulled in and we waited…….nothing.  No worries, at F3 we just go.  We would have an impromptu Stroganoff beat down.  There must have been an epidemic of fartsacking that hit the normal PAX overnight but we 3 had the cure.

Quick Warm Up


Appalachian Americans X 10 IC

I was so flustered with the unexpected Q that I forgot the pledge…..my apologies gentlemen.

The Thang

Mosey to the center of the baseball fields for some improvised work:

Merkins IC X 15

LBC’s IC X 15

Squats IC X 15

Mosey around the baseball field and back to where we started

Rinse-Repeat above for a total of 3 sets.

Round 2:

Derkins IC X 12

Flutter Kicks IC X 20

Run to end of one of the spokes and back to the start

Rinse-Repeat once for a total of two sets

Mosey to the covered picnic shelter for some picnic table work:

Dips IC X 15

Step Ups IC X 20

Dips IC X 12

Step Ups IC X 20

Dips IC X 10

Mosey back to Pelicans – Short Plank and we’re done.

Simple workout…..but somewhat painful.  Great way to start a Monday.

Short COT with several announcements and prayer requests, especially for Clavin’s family.

The Moleskin

Occasionally there is a workout where a much smaller number than normal show up (like today).  However, this goes right to the heart of F3 in my opinion, we do the work anyway.  As usual, I was awake before my alarm ever buzzed and the thought briefly crossed my mind to stay right there as it sure was warm and cozy.  Something spurred me to get up and get after it.  As Roscoe put it so well yesterday at the F3 Dad’s event, F3 has helped me develop some ‘better’ habits and getting up this morning was a great example.  As usual, Clavin and Timeframe inspired me and pushed me to work hard this morning and I am grateful.  Keep it up, you never know when showing up might keep someone else from going back home and not putting in the work.

Until the next one.



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  1. Thank you sir for the great q on the fly. I appreciate you stepping up and inspiring us to do the same given the chance. It was also a good workout and a nice way to start the week.

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