• When: 10/07/2017
  • QIC: Whoopee
  • PAX: Stroganoff, Mayor, Lil Sweet, Shrink, Pink Floyd, Sledg-O-Matic (respect), Roscoe, Whoopee

8 men showed for another shield lock. I dug into the old files and found a previous workout I really liked and thought I would bring it back. The last time we did the 300 workout was in December 2015 and I believe Roscoe carried a shield and sword thru the whole workout. No shield or sword today….maybe next time. I started with a quick description then read part of the speech from Testacles (TEST-a-klees) from the sequel movie for 300. That was not his real name, Billy Madison-I know you will correct me at some point, being the movie hound that you are. The speech was basically that if you need a reason to push a little harder, look around you. Your shield lock is the motivation for improving. Enuff said, start the WU:

SSH X 10 IC then 50 single count squats in honor of Sparky’s son Madden who has his VQ today in Folsom. You have probably seen him on elementary school calendar’s floating around. He is the guy with his shirt off and a boyish snarl that makes the boys tremble and the girls go weak in the knees. Hey Madden, if you are reading this, stay away from Audubon Drive. I have 3 girls and need to keep them focused on something other than your guns.

Pledge then 2 for PainLab led by Mayor and 6 pax to mosey to the track at Grier Middle School. Here goes the 300 Workout: 6 exercises, 10 reps each with a lap around the track followed by 6 hip slappers.  6 exercises X 10 reps X 5 laps = 300. I threw in the total of 30 Hip Slappers just to make everyone smile a little. Exercises were squats, merkins, flutterkicks, gorilla humpers, scorpion dry docks, and lunges. The hip slappers were a crowd favorite I think. There was some mumble chatter but nothing too overwhelming. I believe this is when a train came by so we saluted with some burpees-see below.

We then meandered to the little courtyard area with steps and continued with the 300 theme. Partner up, P1 runs up the (approx 15) steps then down the 15 steps (total 30 for you fellers who ran out of toes counting) while P2 does flutter kicks. I got a few funny looks from the Pax when I said we were going to do 10 rounds each…..30 steps X 10 rounds = 300. We got through it and the mumblewhining got more prevalent from an unnamed pax called Stroganoff. That part always makes me happy.

The last part of the 300 workout today consisted of Merkins and Squats. Sets of 30 Merkins followed by 30 Squats for total of 5 sets each (ran out of gas but I will claim it was because time was running short). 30 Merkins X 5 sets + 30 Squats X 5 sets = 300 total reps. We did a few of these sets on our mosey back to home base and arrived in time to close things down with the PainLab.

Announcements: Speed for Need, 3rd F event on Friday, 10/13/17 (next week) at New Covenant Church at 7pm for about an hour or 2-check with HushPuppy, Freight, or Sparky for questions. Roscoe is organizing an F3Dads event with 2.0 and a Kings Mtn/Crowders Mtn Ruck/hike/sprint for 2 Sundays in November (12 and 19)-look for a pre blast soon.

Quick word at end about why we post-it is NOT for the exercise. You can get the exercise any time at all and impress your M (in your mind) by working out. You post for the guy next to you. He needs you and you need him-if not now, sometime real soon. Get out of bed and post or make that trip to Midoriyama you have been wanting to for so long. Someone is counting on you being there.   I just read about Bulldog planning to drive an hour to post in Atlanta. You really gonna complain about the 10 minute drive to a GasHouse AO because you are tired? Really????!!!!!!

enjoyed it this morning guys-see you in the gloom-Whoopee