• When: 08/07/2017
  • QIC: Stonecold
  • PAX: T-Square, Mebane, Turtleman, Gastone, Spiderman, Ezrider, JJ, Stroganoff,

In the rain these HIMS were outstanding!

Merkin 10 IC

Ran down Riverwood Pkwy and stopped at Plantation Trail for 10 SSH.  Ran to River Ridge Drive for 20 SSH.

Continued on to Village Ridge Drive and ran up the hill stopping at each street lights for 5 Merkins.  Once we reached the top it was back to the bottom where we ran backwards to the first driveway on the left and did 5 Merkins (2 rounds).

We then ran to the parking lot of O’Reilly Auto Parts on Union and for some Mike Tysons.

Then onto the old Harris Teeter parking lot and split up into 3 groups and did 2 rounds of sprints.

Walking over to the front of Bellacino’s, we watched the traffic signal at Neal Hawkins/Union.  When we had a green light it was lunge time, but when it was red we had to stop and perform burpees.

Once we made it to the ATM, we did 5 squats near the road and ran to the building for 5 merkins.  Then 10 squats and 10 merkins. Then 15 squats and 15 merkins. Then 20 squats and 20 merkins.

Onto the wall in front of the bank where dips and derkins were crushed by these men.

At the completion, we were wet from the rain but stronger. Great job everyone!