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Day: July 2, 2016

The best laid plans can hit a snag…

I wasn’t sure how many cars would be in the parking lot of the Schiele on the Saturday before July 4th. It was nice to see some of the boys from Midoriyama were stretching along with a few others new to the GasHouse. Our circle was a little tardy to begin but no penalties were assessed as Bandit went overtime leading the Third F. Best of all, it was great to see T-Square among us. It is difficult to imagine the emotions circling through his mind with the sudden death of his daughter. He was looking for camaraderie and a slight bit of distraction – GasHouse was the right place for that.

On my fourth Q I was looking for a few things, high calorie burn, elevated heart rate, and mumble chatter from the PAX. What better way to start than to quickly announce 5 burpees on your own. Mayor became irritated. Things were off to a good start.


5 Burpees OYO

Up/Downs: SC x 10

Imperial Walker: IC x 10

Toy Soldier: IC x 10 (I think…Q got excited and went with a “Tool Time like” count)

Hillbillies: IC x 10

Don Quixote: IC x 10


The Thang:

I made sure to give proper directions before sending the PAX on a half mile run to Sherwood School. Once gathered at the track we ran the Four Corners:

  1. Corner #1) CDD’s – SC x 5
  2. Corner #2) WWI – SC x 10
  3. Corner #3) Dips – SC x 15
  4. Corner #4) Merkins – SC x 20
  5. Rinse and Repeat

Mosey #2: Dr. Feelgood led us through the back entrance to 1st Presbyterian Church. Showing great initiative, he called out a few high knees and butt kickers along the way. We arrived to the back of the lot, a familiar spot to those that have attended a GasHouse workout, to find neatly arranged tokens by YHC. There were 12 stations where each man would perform 10 reps of the following:


  • Mountain Climbers
  • Stretch Crunch (begin on 6 in crunch position, extend legs and arms out to 6″ off the ground – did I mention you had either a 10 lb medicine ball or a sand filled pvc pipe?)
  • American Hammer (with rebar as a paddle)
  • Merkin
  • Chair Squat (begin in jack position, move legs together as if your sitting in a chair, hold sand-filled pvc pipe at eye level to burn the abs too)
  • Flutter kick (in honor of Stroganoff on IR)
  • Manmaker (with dumbbells, begin with merkin; perform L/R row; jump to squat and lower with dumbbell’s on shoulder – this was as tough as the blockee, if not more)
  • Dips
  • Squats (while holding solid cinder block)
  • CDD’s
  • Plank with side arm raise (while holding a brick in each hand)


YHC failed to mention the run required after every 4 stations – a short loop up the steps and down the back road to the stations. This was quickly Omaha’ed after a few turns and we limited the mosey to up/down the steps. We formed into two man teams to push each other through the pain. I made sure to announce the disclaimer – the standard “I’m an idiot, you’re an idiot…” and just as The Boss began to belt out the patriotic anthem of Born in the USA, Da Vinci tweaked his back. He forged ahead in moderation (hope it’s only minor that ibuprofen and stretching can fix). Originally scheduled for five rounds; YHC realized 8 am was fast approaching and Omaha’ed after two. Time to mosey home.


Prayers lifted for Godfather and T-Square, as well as for Da Vinci’s fresh ailing back.


Originally I wanted to follow a patriotic theme and do an exercise per state which would be tough to do in an hour but even more challenging was digging into the lexicon for obscure things (if you’ve done it, you know there aren’t too many selections in the K’s, U’s, or V’s). So I planned each station for 5 rounds at 10 reps each (=50 states) patriotic, huh? Reality was we only went 2, shortening the runs, and didn’t get to any of the Mary I had designed. The best laid plans often hit a snag and we have to adjust whether we like it or not. Life seems to flow that way too and we set foot to a path that we didn’t choose. Thankfully F3 can provide some of the trail-heads and mile markers to keep us strong, physically, mentally, and spiritually. T-Square, we’re here for you brother. Aye!

About 10 more seconds/Concentrica

It was a muggy morning, but we had 13 Pax show to the Fighting Yank for Edison’s VQ. I have to say before getting started, Freight, Sargento, and Pfquiche put in some extra miles of EC-great work. It was great getting back with the Pax after coming off injured reserve-I had over a week to think about this workout and planned to co-Q with Edison-possibly the earliest co-Q of any GasHouse Pax with the co-Q during his FOURTH week of F3-impressive!!!

We started with a quote from Tooltime’s twitter page which I really like: The devil whispered  in my ear, “You’re not strong enough to withstand the storm.” Today, I whispered in the devil’s ear, “I am the storm.”

WU:10 each IC: SSH, Squats, LBC, Merkin, Gorilla Humpers then 10 burpees OYO.

The Thang-

I wanted to put in some time for discussion and quickly realized how I have missed the workouts over the last few weeks (water aerobics just did not keep me in F3 shape, in case you are wondering JK2). I’ve been reading some of the old posts from Dredd and wanted to include some of this discussion during the Thang so we discussed Concentrica-basically your relationships with others in your life. Would be worth going back and reading Dredd’s posts if you have time.

1st Layer of Concentrica-M-The man’s wife, whom he loves, is where a man should focus his energy. This is the most important and first ring. If this is not done right, no point in reading any further.

We started with Jack Webb (escalator Merkin down from 10 alternating with escalator Air Presses up to 10) then I think a train came by so we saluted with 5 burpees. 

2nd Layer of Concentrica: Shorties-(kids, 2.0s, rugrats…). The impact of a man on his kids cannot be underestimated. The quality of his relationship with them determines the quality of their relationships with everyone else for the rest of their lives (read this again).

Next, Lincolnton Lunge Walk towards the wall across the street. This was a crowdpleaser for sure. We did 1 burpee, 2 lunges each leg, 3 burpees, 4 lunges each leg, 5 burpees…9 burpees and 10 lunges each leg and then congregated at the wall across the street.

3rd Layer of Concentrica: Shield Lock-THIS WAS FOR YOU TSQUARE. Horizontal relationship with other men in your life. Eyes to front animals that hunt, eyes to side animals that hide. We are men who hunt in complex way and need a pack to help watch our six. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU TSQUARE.

Next, Plank/Squat Webb which consisted of 20 sec plank/50 Squats, 40 sec Plank/40 Squats, 60 sec Plank/30 Squats, 80 sec plank/20 Squats, 100 sec plank/10 squats. The amount of time in plank was really variable as I was enjoying the mumblechatter as well as the comments such as “how much longer” which I happily replied, “about 10 more seconds” while we enjoyed some outstanding humor from Brownstreak-it NEVER gets old.

4th Layer of Concentrica: Blade-your mentor/mentee. Iron Sharpens Iron…

There was a wall so who am I to waste a good wall….so we did some hip slappers followed by wall sits, Australian Mountain Climbers followed by wall sits, Donkey Kicks followed by wall sits. Just for the record, the Australian Mountain Climbers made me mad as a cut snake and might prevent some of you from being able to crack a fat later (look that one up in your Australian slang dictionary). I have access to certain medications so that will not affect me….

5th Layer of Concentrica:Mammon-this is your work/job/place of employment-easiest to maintain, measured with time clock and paycheck (does not apply to any other layer of Concentrica), and YOU CAN QUIT ANYTIME (read this again) which is relatively unique.

We then moseyed back to start and did a couple rounds of She Hate Me then I handed the keys to Edison who was eagerly waiting for his turn. We moseyed up the hill to the picnic tables where we did several rounds of dips and flutterkicks (just for you Stroganoff, hope the ankle is better). Next we moved to the track and did a round of (half) Merkin Mile-run a lap, 25 Merkins, run a lap, 25 Merkins. We were running out of time so we moseyed back to start for some Mary, hit the pledge, then put in our 22 Merkins for the 22 Vets who commit suicide daily-thanks for the motivation Anthrax-this will be a part of my Q for as long as I can remember to do.

We reviewed the 5 rules of F3, named our FNG-Candyman-Sargento has his info. Don’t worry, I did not mention about the Merlot Candyman. That will be our secret….

Ended with COT-prayers for TSquare, JK2’s grandmother-in-law (is there such a thing), Monk and his family traveling, can’t remember whose grandfather with prostate CA, and probably a few others. Great work today and outstanding work for the VQ by Edison-give him an attaboy when you see him.

4 went to Cherubs for breakfast and discussed some upcoming great events for F3 GasHouse.

Until next time-Whoopee-Happy Fourth of July


touchdown beat down

4 men denied the fartsack this morning for Roadie’s VQ. 0630 hit, time to get started.

warmup: ssh x 15IC / cherry pickers x 15IC

mosey to the lower parking lot where Roadie had orange cones set up.  as we’re running by each one, we notice there are exercises at each cone.

the thang

Roadie’s first touchdown beat down.  cones every ten yards, a hundred yards total.  let’s play football,men.  start in your own end zone, bear crawl to the ten for 10 Carolina dry docks. to the twenty for 20 squats. to the thirty for 30 merkins. to the forty for 40 lunges. to the fifty for 50 lbc. to the forty for 40 lunges.  to the thirty for 30 merkins. to the twenty for 20 squats. to the ten for 10 Carolina dry docks. bear crawl to the end… TOUCHDOWN. rinse and repeat as many times as possible in 45 minutes.

Roadie’s idea is to record how many touchdowns we scored, and in two months, we’ll do this again.  a really good way to track progress.

back to the flag for the pledge.

COT: announcements, none really.  prayer requests; t-squares’s family, godfather’s family, roadie’s family, medicine woman’s family.   BOM: roadie took us out

I don’t know the touchdown count, but the winner is… Gumby!  excellent work, sir.  Gumby is the proud owner (for now) of the coveted “trophy”, the new Folsom football.

Moleskin: nice work, men. Excellent Q, Roadie. love the idea. I know F3 is you vs you, but the friendly competition is nice as well.


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