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Day: February 11, 2016

Frozen Murph (modified)

After YHC nearly missed the workout due to alarm clock malfunction (helps if you turn it on) and lots of mumble about too cold to be out here 7 #HIM posted on the ice at Martha’s House for a nice cold beatdown. But wait whats this – another pax jogs in from the cold – Stroganoff was here early and got in 3 miles of extra credit (Tclaps).


The warmup

20 SSH


20 LBC

10 Merkins


The Thang:

Disclaimer reiterated and workout explained – we would modify to murph this morning.  Typical Murph is 1 mile run 100 Pullups, 200 Merkins and 300 squats followed by 1 mile run all down with a 20 lb weight vest.  Although it was tempting to grab Outhouse’s sandbags (NOT) this would be done without added weight. The workout would be divided  into 10 pain stations separated by approximately 1/4 mile mosey in between.  Exercises at each station were 10 burpees (OYO) 20 Merkins (IC) and 30 squats (IC).  Thus the pax covered nearly two miles.  Although the thermometer read 21 at the start no one was cold!  As always it was a pleasure to lead this fine group of men.


Prayer requests Whoopie test results, Outhouse’s moms

99 Reasons to Stay at Home in Bed…. Apparently!

As promised there was NO RUNNING. The goats brought 99 packages to off load. More of a dump and run. Guess they didn’t want to stick around….. Much like all the fartsakers not showing. I kid, I kid….. Or do I? Any way here’s what went down.

9 sets:

99 LBC, 9 Burpees, 99 high knees, 9 mericans, 99 min squat holds

88 LBC, 8 Burpees, 88 high knees, 8 mericans, 88 min squat holds

77 LBC, 7 Burpees, 77 high knees, 7 mericans, 77min squat holds

66 SSH, 66 LBC, 66 min plank, 6 mericans, 66 lunges

55 SSH, 55 LBC, 55 min plank, 5 mericans, 55 lunges

44 SSH, 44 LBC, 44 min plank, 4 mericans, 44 lunges

33 LBC, 3 Burpees, 33 min squat hold, 3 mericans, 33 high knees

22 LBC, 2 Burpees, 22 min squat hold, 2 mericans, 22 high knees

1 min plank, 2 min bridge, 30 sec one hand plank, 30 sec other hand plank.


Always a pleasure gentlemen. Thanks for toughing out the cold weather but you are better for it. Tune in next Thursday and see what’s next……..or read about. Whichever you can live with yourself with. AYE!

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