• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 05/18/2024
  • AO: Gashouse
  • QIC: Short Sale
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Dr. Seuss, Wiki, Def Leppard, JJ, Oompa Loompa, Stroganoff, Captain Steubing

GasHouse, at least the bootcamp part of it has a small pod of regular attendees but even that has fluctuated with events this time of year. We have graduations and surrounding events, end of year parties, and just life events that keep us on the move. Add in some injuries and the “regulars” are a limited number. So I’ve been recruiting a bit and trying to get some fresh leadership on the docket. SA as the site Q of Downtown requested May Q’s so I filled his May 10th slot on the premise of I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine – you site Q’s know the drill all too well. I twisted SA’s arm just enough for him to agree to lead 5/18. I got a text Thursday evening at 9 pm with some bad news, SA had to work. He promised to make it up another time. Hey at least I got a text and not the “no show.” But the word didn’t really get out the Q schedule had changed, so we had a nice spice of non-GasHouse regulars (thanks for posting Oompa, Leppard, Wiki, and Seuss). I put together a Weinke that would be considerate of those also supporting the Extinction Run and raising money for Anchorman.


  • Seal Jacks, Imperial Walkers, Side to Side Lunge, Arrows (in honor of SA), Toy Soldiers, all IC x 10 and then some Merkins IC x 5. Moved to some lower body stretching to finish off the segment. We faced the flag for the Pledge. Time to split.

Thang: The Public Library has a fresh coat of new asphalt so we did a short mosey to the lower Churchill Dr side of the library. There was no circle but the PAX scattered about for the same Core Burner I led on my Friday Downtown workout the week before. Leppard was the only repeat customer. All performed IC x 15. I flipped on the speaker to grace the PAX with a playlist based on the theme of drinking or partying (DM me if you need the tunes). It did spark some conversation. I may have Leppard on the verge of attending the next Steel Panther show.

  • Mtn Climbers
  • Knee Touches
  • Knee Taps
  • Plank Jacks
  • Reverse Crunch
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Raised Penguin Crunch
  • Turtle Crunch
  • Opp Hand / Opp Knee
  • Regular Penguin
  • Legs 90 degrees, alternate R hand, to L foot & L hand to R foot
  • Genie Elbow to Knee
  • Genie Knee to Elbow
  • Ski Abs

We did a slow mosey over to the upper section of the parking lot for the next portion for a HERO WOD – the Zach Tellier. This has been done a number of times. I like to add a short mosey between sets to break them up. This takes up about 20-25 minutes for any PAX seeking ideas. It is a full body working with the mosey adding a bit of cardio. It is a 5 set stack.

  • 10 Burpees, mosey
  • 10 Burpees, 25 Merkins, mosey
  • 10 Burpees, 25 Merkins, 50 Lunges, mosey
  • 10 Burpees, 25 Merkins, 50 Lunges, 100 LBCs, mosey
  • 10 Burpees, 25 Merkins, 50 Lunges, 100 LBCs, 150 Squats, mosey

With about 12 or so minutes remaining, I offered the PAX a choice – Core Burner again or 11’s. Seuss and Wiki wanted core, but they were outvoted for the 11’s. We moved to another section of the new asphalt that was side sloped.  Exercise 1 was Mike Tysons and exercise 2 was flutter kicks (because Stroganoff happened to be standing beside me, you’re welcome). That rounded out the workout and we scooted back to the base with barely a mile of running – mission accomplished.

COT: Prayers for Turtleman and his family. Events upcoming – Memorial Day Murph Monday, 5/27 at 0700 at Martha Rivers.

Sometime in the next few weeks or months, I’ll have SA back to Q – keep an eye on your calendars. But next up on the GasHouse schedule are Maybelline, BOS, and Breaker. Happy to have any of the other PAX take a turn at the OG Gastonia Region site.