• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 11/24/2021
  • AO: The Labyrinth
  • QIC: Clavin (R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Captain Stubing

Time for some quick movie trivia….


15 low slow squats
15 low slow squats

16 butt kickers
16 butt kickers

15 IC merkins
15 IC merkins

Kinda felt like Groundhog Day

Ask Captain Stubing for favorite and least fav exercise ( more later)

Mosey to Gastones hill for something ( maybe ) new

20 IC flutters

At EVERY mailbox up and down each street 5 squats

20 Ic flutters

Choose A, B OR C

Captains choice was B …. Burpees!!this was his least favorite  

a was his fav of SSH

c was mine of merkins

1 burpee per ALL BOXES ( came up with this as I delivered the mail thru here only a few hours beforehand )

counted 39 ( maybe right,,, maybe not ) but had to add one more at bottom for balance 

completed our journey with 5 seconds to count down


lastly, I issued ( as I do now to the one faithful reader) to Be the change You wish to see in the world and also to make this a better place esp for the next generation : ie if at the grocery store don’t just push your buggy into the next one, line them all up , if at the restAurant stack the plates and other stuff to make clean up for the wait staff simpler, if just out and about and come across a piece or two of trash … pick it up and deposit in the trash ….. don’t sit on the sidelines grousing about how others are mistreating the Earth …. Affect change …. Perhaps it will be contagious! 

prayers for traveling folks, those that are homeless, struggling, families with losses coping with a change for the holidays

Happy Turkey!!