• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 05/22/2021
  • QIC: BOS
  • FNG's: Spicoli, Mr Worldwide
  • PAX: Tiger (R), Breaker Breaker (R), MiniVan, Sprinkler, Flintstone, Woody, Stinky Bird, Latte, Bed Pan, Ball Joint, Ozark, Hand Cuff, Short Sale (R), Sargento, JJ, Bumgardner, HIPAA, Rudolph, Mayor, Wojo, Whoopee (R), Roscoe (R), Stroganoff (R), Linus (R), Pilgrim's Progress, Sugar (R), Orangeman (R), Pockets, Boudin, Freight, Def Leppard (R), Slaw

It was a beautiful Saturday morning in Gaston County.  F3 Gastonia AOs were bustling with HIMs, FNGs and Sad Clowns pushing to get a little better than they were the day before.  Meanwhile YHC and Musicbox (2.0) were getting ready to put our Amoeba Ruck CSAUP in motion.

Thirty-Four PAX including two FNG gathered at Primal Brewery-Belmont for a Saturday morning CSAUP.  Many of them doubling down after a quality beatdown at one of our very own AOs.   The teams assembled like this…

Amazing Ruckers – Tiger, Breaker, MiniVan, Sprinkler

Burly Sebastians – Flintstone, Woody, Stinky Bird, Latte

Folsom 4 + 2 – Bed Pan, Ball Joint, Ozark, Hand Cuff, + (FNG) Spicoli & (FNG) Mr. Worldwide

Fur Piece – Short Sale, Sargento, JJ, Bumgardner

Keeping it Sacksy – HIPAA, Rudolph, Mayor, Wojo

Really Old Guys – Whoopee, Roscoe, Stroganoff, Linus

Tator Trots – Pilgrim, Sugar, Orangeman, Pockets

The Four Horsemen – Boudin, Freight, Def Leppard, Slaw

At 0900 Instructions were given, the rules, locations and requirements were distributed.

Teams were to Ruck to six locations, complete team exercise, take team selfie and move on.  Team must carry a minimum of 100# in rucksacks.  Team must complete 100 exercise reps at each stop.  Team must take team selfie at each of the six designated stops with the item in the sample picture and text back to YHC.

Disclaimer was forgotten in all the excitement.  Thankfully we didn’t have any issues.  The teams quickly mapped their routes, or at least their first destination and they were off to the locations below in no certain order…

Belmont Abby College 100 Belmont Mt Holly Road, Belmont    Exercise = 100 Decline Merkins  

Stowe Park – Home of The Yank  24 South Main Street, Belmont  Exercise = 100 Monkey Humpers

Stuart W Cramer High School – Home of The Storm  101 Lakewood Road, Belmont    Exercise = 100 Australian Mountain Climbers           

McAdenville Town Hall  163 Main Street, McAdenville  Exercise = 100 Burpees

Veterans Memorial – Home of The Goat    101 Center Street, Cramerton  Exercise = 100 LBCs

Catawba River Antique Mall – Home of The Big Boy 406 Catawba St, Belmont  Exercise = 100 Jump Squats

On go, the teams quickly looked over the six destinations, picked their direction and headed out.  Is there a wrong answer at this point?  You won’t know really until you are done.  As teams started clicking off their miles and checkpoints it was fun to watch the direction they were moving in. Some moved clockwise, others counter clockwise around the six points.  We didn’t think there would be much difference but we heard about some nagging elevation from McAdenville to the Abby.   One team fell off the radar because they refused to send their selfies in while on the move.  Another team was claiming they were number one in their pictures, or they were pointing other fingers at YHC.   Team Really Old  Guys were the first team to send in all six pictures and began their trek back to Primal.  But shortly after the remaining team started closing in with their final pictures.  Some teams had the landmarks front and center in their pictures, others are open for interpretation.  Either way when the teams came in it sounded like they all had some fun rucking 10-11 miles and knocking out 600 reps with their team.

In the end team Tator Trots  returned to Primal the quickest with a time of 2:51:00 and distance of 10.2 miles.  Over the next hour the remaining teams made it back, some limping, few smiling, all ready for a cold beverage and some food.   The FNG EH award goes to the Folsom 4 or Folsom 4 + 2.  The Folsom 4 brought FNGs Mondo and Victor with them and both of these guys crossed the finish line smiling.

I will admit, if you know your way around the area you were probably in pretty good shape.   Hats off to the teams that don’t run around Belmont regularly.  If we do this again we need to move across town somewhere.

Hope you enjoyed your stroll around town!  We had fun throwing it together.

BOS & Musicbox