• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 05/14/2021
  • AO: Downtown
  • QIC: Short Sale
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Broke (R), Watts Up (R), Purple Haze (R), Clavin (R), Captain Steubing, Sister Act, Slaw, Ball Joint, EZ Rider

As one approaches a milestone, it naturally triggers some form of reflection. As you may have heard, I’m extremely close to hearing the word “respect” echo after sharing my name at the COT. So with that in mind and accepting the open Q slot for downtown, I settled on an workout that I did a few months ago at the Labyrinth, obviously this time using a different route, though the PAX did begin to wonder if I may lead them to the SC state line via 321. The disclaimer was something like “we’re going to do some more running this morning, if you’re not up for it, stay here until we get back; modify as you wish.”


  • SSH IC x 10
  • Toy Soldier IC x 10
  • Don Quixote IC x 10
  • Imperial Walker IC x 10
  • Pledge


Out of base, right on Main St, had to wait to cross York/321 N – lot of cars moving through for 0535 – maybe trying to find gas? Continue down to almost the end of the next block. Time to exercise:

  • 10 Hand Release Merkins
  • 10 Squats
  • 10 Mtn Climbers
  • 10 Plank Jacks

This would be the routine for a total of 9 stops along the chosen route. Should have been 10 but I mis-counted along the way. Clavin wondered why only 40 reps and not 50, or 49? Good question – that’s a Q-fail. Probably a lot more of those ahead of me in my increasing age. Oh, well, onto the story. We stopped in front a glass door that led up stairs to a 2nd level office. This was the former office of Adams-Kenley Appraisals, where my career began. A lot of hours spent in that building, well at least a little more than 2 years worth – but it was the foundation of my profession. That will be a theme for this morning.

Left on Chester St/321 S and right on Franklin Blvd. Mumble chatter was picking up, talking about Broke’s new 80/20 method, picking on Slaw with any Navy joke they could imagine, if we were going to the new FUSE stadium or some sketchy parts of town? Stopped just before FUSE, Q crossed Franklin w/o much notice and PAX had to stay on sidewalk to avoid speeding car. Safely across and into the parking lot behind Chamber of Commerce which was beside the little gym at the old YMCA. That was where my athletic career began – youth basketball in the gym and soccer on the outdoor field. Dreams were dreamt but this white boy topped out at 5’9″ and my prowess ended about 9th grade. Do the routine and move down the street to the corner of Clay and 2nd Street. Here is where my grandfather (driving me to a b-ball game in 7th grade) failed to look at the stop sign and smashed into a cop car and causing my knee to pop into my chin breaking my jaw – life lesson – wear a seatbelt. Despite Slaw’s suggestion to continue up 2nd Street, we went south on Clay, hanging  a left on Harvie, going another block to corner of Hanna/Harvie – did the drill. Speculation about which house might be the story – it would be the NW corner – white aluminum sided ranch where my grandparents lived and dad grew up when times were much simpler. Many holidays and Sunday dinners at that house. Baseball games in the back and cut that grass too many times to count – good memories. Up Harvie, right on Chester, down to the parking lot across from Holy Trinity – my childhood church where my foundation of faith was established – shout out to Pastor Setzer. Life lesson – as Def Leppard often says – get to a church. Next stop was quick, the 2-story house on York (#721). EZ Rider knew the family  as he put HVAC in this old historic home – my childhood friends (Keysers) lived there and I was like their 4th child. Life lesson – embrace your childhood friends and memories.

Continue north to the dentist office (Woody, Cooper, Wellons). Lot of fillings – life lesson – brush and floss your teeth. Right on Third, left on South. Arrive in parking lot that I forgot the story spot. It was 0600 and my trip down memory lane went faster than planned. Sister Act was present and why pass up an opportunity to make his day? Use the hilly driveway for an Triple Nickle: Burpees and Mike Tysons…I felt like a man for a second. SA of course led the way. That took up just enough time. I recalled the story – across the street was the law office of Morris Keeter. In high school I drove my friends orange Datson B210 hatchback home from a party. We went through a DUI check, conveniently one of the guys in the back had puked down the passenger side door – nice. It didn’t take the police anytime to flag our vehicle. Swear on a stack of Bibles I hadn’t had a drop of alcohol all night, but as my first time under duress I failed the sobriety test. Mr. Keeter got me out of a possession ticket. Life Lesson – practice taking sobriety tests, or maybe get the puke cleaned up before driving through a DUI check or maybe stay home and watch a movie with your parents?

As we migrated up South Street, we didn’t catch the light – so may as well do the drill a final time (makes #9). We cross and I burn the final two minutes with 49 reps of LBCs followed by 49 reps of Flutter Kicks.

Announcements: Amoeba Ruck 5/22; Clavin Q Downtown 5/21, new AO at TFY; get your backblasts done (check); Prayers: SA and 2.0, Big Pappy, Turtleman, Praise for CPAP and Dirt getting jobs

No need for a detailed moleskin other than take time to stop and reflect on your life and learn some lessons from past mistakes. Build on your successes. Find new ways of doing things (see Broke’s 80/20 method). Don’t pick on Slaw all the time. and lastly carry more toilet paper (see Round-Up’s BB). Wade Coffey – 49 – Short Sale (one last time).