• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 09/16/2020
  • QIC: Freight
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Def Leppard, Tiger, Pockets, Defib, Sledgeomatic, Oompa(proctor)

6 Men did week 3 the hard way Wednesday evening…..in the warmer part of the day. Rumor is you get to deduct 1 minute for every 5 degrees over the morning low. It’s not just my work schedule that keeps me away from the morning workouts. I also like to choose the harder thing! Anyway we did it. It sucked. We got better. I think? The 6 was picked up and everyone finished! Rocks were pushed!


Also do you remember when the below happened back in 2017? Well some of this happened again!



So the forecast from the weather man was 100% chance of rain. Which means 50% real chance. Many, I believe didn’t even set their alarm clocks. 5 other men posted to see what I would look like at 37 for the last time. They were rewarded with the greatest workout in F3 Gastonia history. I mean this workout was insane! Some would use words like awesome, unbelievable, ridiculous, mind blowing, and mind numbing. People were laughing. People were crying. Burn boot camp shut the doors, turned off the lights and went home. Someone died and someone was born. Street lights went off in the dark. Roosters crowed even though it wasn’t time. Flowers bloomed. There was a partial lunar eclipse and a full solar eclipse all at the same time! We saw trains but they made no noise. The grass was wet but dry to the touch. There was a fire but it didn’t burn. I mean it was crazy.
The Thang:
I’ll never tell. Show to know!