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  • When: 02/21/2019
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  • PAX: Sister Act, Broke, Dr. Seuss (R), Radar, Get A Grip, Tesla (R), Breaker Breaker (R), HIPAA (QIC)

Little mixup during the HIPAAPALOOZA week. Site Q calendar had YHC booked for the GOAT but I know I had committed to the Pub that week. Got it all straightened out with Dr. Seuss and told him I owed him one. Besides it’s been a long time since I’ve posted here and was looking forward to it. Wanted to try some new things out there so decided to do a little recon the afternoon before. Cramerton has some really nice areas if you go beyond downtown. I had been thinking about how I wanted to do a weinke and had a good idea in mind. I have been pressured into attending Ranger AO in Metro by a few Metro PAX. Ranger is said to be the most intense, hardest AO in all of the Nation. Before I go there I need to build up my stamina as they are go, go, go with no breaks from what I’ve heard and read in their BB’s. So here’s what we did:



IW 15 IC

Merkins 15 IC


*Breaker Breaker took off on a mosey by himself to get some miles in. 

Let’s Mosey!

Broke seems to think I took off at a 7min pace up Center St. Good, that was my plan. I think those Metro guys go at about a 6min pace so 7 was a good start for me.

Right on 10th to the 1st Baptist Church parking lot.

Round 1:

5 Merkins

Bear Crawl 5 parking spaces

5 Bobby Hurley’s

Bear Crawl 5 parking spaces

5 Burpees

Run back to start and plank for the 6

No rest

Round 2:

10 Merkins

Bear Crawl 5 parking spaces

10 Bobby Hurley’s

Bear Crawl 5 parking spaces

10 Burpees

Run back to start and plank for the 6

No Rest

Round 3:

15 Merkins

Bear Crawl 5 parking spaces

15 Bobby Hurley’s

Bear Crawl 5 parking spaces

15 Burpees

Run back to start and plank for the 6

No Rest

Mosey up 8th take a right on 11th to the CB Huss boat launch parking lot.

Circle up and on your 6

LBC’s 50 IC

I asked Broke for a 10 count, before he got his first letter out of his mouth I said “HAHA There aren’t no 10 counts in a Varsity workout!!! Next exercise is…”

Flutter Kicks 50 IC

Mosey up the wooden bridge towards softball field. Flooded walkway to the left hindered part of my mosey plan. New route, go right. To the concrete bleachers from 1943 with a 50% grade stairway. Looks treacherous.

At the bottom 20 dips

run up stairs

5 burpees at top

run down stairs

R&R 4 more times

Plank for 6 at top when finished.

Mosey out of Cramerton rec complex to 8th. Left on 8th downhill to gazeebo

10 pullups

1 lap around downtown

10 pullups

10 diamond merkins

Mary – PAX choice

BBSU, AH, Crab Cakes, LBC’s, Flutters, dying cockroaches

YHC ended Mary with something new: Slawter Finisher – 10 Burpees OYO



Prayer requests

Dr. Seuss took us out

We got in 2 miles but fell about 2 miles short of a Ranger workout, maybe next time. Oh and according to Tesla, I’m still a pussy?!?!? Great workout with you men this AM. Honor and privilege to workout along side of you. You push me to be better and faster.