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  • When: 02/22/2019
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  • QIC: Clavin
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  • PAX: Medicine Woman, Watts Up, Sister Act, Gastone, Turtleman, Island, Whoopee and Clavin (r)

Whoopee is looking for a donor to donate $100 ( preferably in small loose change)  for his happy ending …. of course I’m sure if there was several interested parties looking to split the cost and lend a hand it would be eagerly accepted. More on that later.
Arrived few minutes early, pax sauntering towards pavilion looking sleepy Medicine Woman spoke of desire for no merkins ( oops… wrong day to post!) no rain, no site Q … let’s gather.
As I give disclaimer I note that Whoopee and Gastone are feverishly plotting … its only when I begin first exercise of the WU that I realize the many tributaries of Lake Whoopeegonnagetcha that he has located and uses all morning long to ensure full coverage of wetness on ANYONE stupid enough to be close by!
Seal jacks x20
Al Gore (Turtleman reminds us of this being the father of the internet) 1 min
Plank Jacks x 20
And my least fav exercise …. SSH ( as they are so overused) …. however …. I thoroughly enjoyed a different version brought to Midoriyama by Oompa Loompa where you clap at the apex and clap on your hips …. x20 Sister Act was present on that day and said only thing missing was my inflection like OL who barks out like drill sergeant !! Sorry can’t reach that level.
Mosey to York and Main to Monkey Humper the traffic that wasn’t present … dang it and here comes the rain…. again.
Mosey across to …. where else The Main Post Office …. I mean I AM a mailman … so time to deliver!
MERKINS …. 11 style
The twist is so 10 at top of drive mosey to dock hop up do 1 bear crawl down ramp nur the hill and continue to count up/down until reversal .
Now we mosey over to McQuitter Wall where I learn of the brick that gives wall its name .
Derkins x10
Step ups x10 each leg
Dips x 10
I intended to also do box jumps but omahaed due to unsafe conditions
These were done 5 times and afterwards was when Whoopee went asking for single $100 donor to drop him in the lake …. I mean to help the cause of the YMCA where he will Voluntarily jump in Lake Robinwood next week. He said that this donor would give him the happy ending that he really needed.

Frogger across Franklin then turning towards parking deck that Turtleman kept begging and pleading for the workout to move to …. my intention was only to tease with looking at the deck but was persuaded by Gastone to at least mosey in where we waited on Tman and Watts up . I asked Turtleman for another 10 count which he said “ 10 . I’m good” so we moseyed back into rain and made way back to pavilion. A REAL crowd pleaser!

Assemble on top step, butt at edge , feet dangle over steps for 40 Flutter kicks …. been wanting to use this for some time. Not really as bad as I expected .

core time :

M W started us off with Freddie Mercs  and there were some more flutters and other stuff ……. however ,……. my brain suffered an aneurism, MW stopped to dust off his body from inactivity and poor Whoopee stopped all movement as he slipped into a coma when Gastone called what was supposed to be American Hammers …… but they were so slow I fear he may still be counting ! I ended with s 1 minute timer ( failing to notice that my M had silenced phone last night ) and we did AMRAP merkins in honor of medical study released this week about cardio value of doing 40 merkins a day in one minute.


Mt Mitchell hike may 5

Csaup tomorrow

wanna ruck? Join Whoopee for fun and adventures each and every Thursday morn


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prayed for Pizza Mans M and her upcoming results and Whoopee taking daughter and fam to Raleigh(?) tomorrow for championship game

great job by all and thanks for letting me lead!