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  • When: 02/19/2019
  • AO:
  • QIC: Montross
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Hank, Roadie (Rotter), Medicine Woman, Allen Tate (not yet Chief), Sparky, Volt, Tater Hole, Ratchet, Montross (QIC)

I noticed last week there was an open spot on the Folsom calendar. Though I helped with a Q-school a few weeks ago and also did a co-Q with Hacksaw, I haven’t really had the opportunity to bring a normal Montross Q in a while. After calling out the Kotters (particularly, the Rotter (Roadie the Kotter), and Medicine Woman (he claims to have posted last week but I dunno)… it was up to me to deliver the Jayvee-level workout I had promised. As usual, I planned to borrow from some other Qs who have graced Folsom with their presence over the past few months.


SSH – 15 IC
Toy Soldiers – 10 IC
Mountain Climbers – 10 IC
Grass Pickers – 10 IC

Let’s Mosey! We pause at the first light pole to let a few late arrivers get a quick stretch and knock out 5 burpees. Resume mosey as we run to the flag at the park entrance, Sparky passes by us as he is doing Sparky thangs.

As we wait for Sparky to catch up at the flag, we do:
LBCs – 20 IC
Rosalitas – 15 IC

Pledge and mosey back to the tennis courts.

I told the guys about an article from USA Today that I had seen on Twitter. It said in a study, men who could do 40 pushups in a minute were 95% less likely to develop cardiovascular disease. That led me to checking out the Army PT test for pushups and I explained the Army standard for pushups….keep your butt down (Leppard!!!) and you lower your body until your arms are parallel to the ground. Lets practice. 1 minute, AMRAP. I am not great at pushups and I lost count about 45, but I ended up in the low 50s.

V’s – partial Q fail here but we went with it – Run from the corner of the tennis court to the center of the net, Nur to the far corner, 2 burpees, repeat for each tennis court. Rinse and repeat to return to the tennis court entrance. Props to the Rotter, he was pushing hard here despite the fact he isn’t in peak condition right now. MW finished at the front of the pack as well after being out a lot recently due to flu (and Sandy V?). Seriously though, nice job guys!

Marine 16 – I was running a little behind so we had to cut it short. The Marine 16 is a hero workout that Sister Act called a few months ago, designed to honor 15 Marines killed in a helicopter crash in 2017. It is an AMRAP exercise in 2 minute intervals.

  • Sprint (or run) to the end of the 2nd tennis court, 16 burpees, run back to start. Repeat AMRAP for 2 minutes.

  • Sprint (or run) to the end of the 2nd tennis court, 16 Merkins, run back to start. Repeat AMRAP for 2 minutes

  • Sprint (or run) to the end of the 2nd tennis court, 16 Squats, run back to start. Repeat AMRAP for 2 minutes

  • Sprint (or run) to the end of the 2nd tennis court, 16 Tuck Jumps, run back to start. Repeat AMRAP for 2 minutes

  • Sprint (or run) to the end of the 2nd tennis court, 16 Side Straddle Hops, run back to start. Repeat AMRAP for 2 minutes


Announcements and CoT:

CSAUP at 4 am on 2/23, 2nd F at Buffalo Wild Wings at 4 PM on 2/23. Storm shirts are on pre-order (HIPAA, everyone asked about and wants that Folsom shirt brother!!!!!!!). Prayers for MW and his family, Ratchet’s M, Allen Tate’s M and 2.0, Pizza Man’s M, Big Pappy and family (his father passed away last night), and each other. YHC took us out in prayer.


It felt good to have the Q this morning and see some old faces making a return. I know Roadie has been out of town working and had some things he is dealing with, but I love seeing him back out there today. We call ya Rotter because we love ya! I missed a few days last week so I hadn’t seen Hank or Medicine Woman for what seems like a month. It was like a little reunion out there.

We cut up, we tease, we can get irritated from time to time, but it all comes together when we are in the CoT and Sparky mentioned Big Pappy’s dad, who had not been doing well…at that point, we didn’t yet know for sure, but we had a feeling things had turned for the worse and that’s probably why Pappy wasn’t with us today. Hearts got heavy, the PAX got a little more serious.

Big Pappy is one of our newer guys too. He’s sorta quiet but he gets out there working almost every day…he got involved because his son Pearl Jam did (through WC Friday Wrestling and Hacksaw). Now he brings all 3 sons with him. His improvements each week motivate us all and though we’ve only known him about 2 months, he is one of us now. It doesn’t take long to get close to guys around F3 Gastonia and particularly at Folsom!

All the prayer requests are important, but say an extra prayer for Pappy’s family today as well as Pizza Man’s M!