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  • When: 02/18/2019
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  • QIC: Turtleman
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  • PAX: JJ, Defib, Whatsup, JK2, Time frame, Gastone, Island, Turtleman

Another rainy  morning in the gloom at Neverland.   The place where dreams do come true.   If you haven’t posted recently at Neverland, come on out.   Some magic in the air.   Looking at the forecast and radar, YHC figured we needed to seek cover.   The PAX was 8 strong for a core meltdown.   No FNG’s so let’s start.

The Pledge

In hindsight, no disclosure – Q Fail.   I am not a professional, I am an idiot.  Modify as needed.  You vs You

Warm up:

  • SSH x20 IC
  • MNC’s x 30 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • Don Quixote’s x 15 IC

Mosey towards the park, stopping in the maintenance parking lot

10 Burpees OYO

Mosey into the park, back trail to the kids playground

Modified Cindy:   Total of 5 sets

  • 5 Pull ups
  • 10 Merkins
  • 20 Squats

Timeframe with a 10 count

Next up, find a pole for a 60 sec dead hang.   That was so much fun, let’s rinse and repeat to try it again.

Meander out of the kids playground to the shelter by the turd shack for some Mary fun.  Find a place on a table.   Perform the following set with no rest in between.

  • 20 flutter kicks
  • 20 lbc’s
  • 20 leg raises
  • 20 freddie mercury’s
  • 20 heel touches
  • 20 american hammers
  • 20 long arm crunches
  • 20 reverse crunches

Bernie Sanders (NUR + Uphill) to the top of the parking lot, plank it up waiting on the six, mosey back to the shelter

Rinse and repeat the Mary meltdown

Time was running short, quick 10 count by Whatsup

20 step ups each leg

Rinse and repeat the Mary meltdown – this time only 10 per exercise

Mosey towards the start at SnoBalls.

Stop at the 2nd light – 20 plank jacks OYO

Stop at the 4th light – 30 plank jacks OYO

At the park entrance – 40 mtn climbers OYO

Arrive at the starting point – TIME

Announcements:  50 Mile CSAUP Saturday am, May 5 hike at Mt. Mitchell; BRR team(s) are being formed

Prayer requests:  Those suffering with addiction, Gastone’s Father

Good work gentlemen.  Way to push the rock.   Happy President’s day to all.