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  • When: 02/16/2019
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  • QIC: Freight
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  • PAX: Linus(R), Clavin(R), Def Leppard(R), Freight(QIC)

4 PAX posted for the bootcamp at Gashouse on Saturday. Several others were there for the painlab with Sargento. He included us all in his BB so I think we will get double credit after this BB….sweet! I had a lot of ideas but just couldn’t commit any to paper so I just went with it. It was threatening rain and did periodically during the workout so being the accommodating Q that I am I tried to keep us dry as much as possible.

Warmup: Whatever Sargento lead us in

Mosey to the big flag for the pledge

The Thang:

Mosey to the track. 400m run then do 20 merkins and 30 lbc’s

800m run then 20 merkins and 30 lbc’s

Mosey across the school to a U shaped breezeway/courtyard area. Under the cover of the breezeway we partnered up at one end. P1 runs to the other end(sweet there’s a set of stairs halfway) P2 does merkins and squats. Once P1 gets to the end he yells for P2. P2 starts running to P1 while he does the exercise. We flip flopped the several times. After a few rounds we switched the exercises to ab work. Flutters and thinking….thinking…well I don’t remember. This is the down side of winging it. Anyway let’s mosey up the road. As we ran between the Baptist and Presby church we discussed the fork in the road and which side we should run on. Def Leppard would have ran in front of a car to get to the Baptist side of the road! Solid! We made the big circle around the block stopping at power poles for 5 squat jumps and at each intersection for 5 burpees. Judging by the map there were about 45 burpees and about a million squat jumps. As we reentered the  parking lot we stopped for some wall sits. We met backup with the painlab for a little mary.


Read Sargento’s


Thanks to Linus for letting me lead. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Gashouse. It’s crazy to think this used to be the only workout option. Great job by all in attendance. We had some good 2ndF the whole way through the workout!