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  • When: 02/09/2019
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  • QIC: Clavin
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  • PAX: Sledge o matic (r), Hipaa, Voodoo, Marco ( all yell Polo after), Watts Up and Clavin(r)

This weekend marks the return from the midseason hiatus for the show walking dead and I also used it as a return not only from the flu for myself coming back from the dead but also returned from taking a one month hiatus from Qing. Planned it but the flu through the monkey wrench in this weeks works and  have to wait till I was sufficiently recovered. I’ve been married a good number of years and could tell from my wife and her expressions during December that she probably felt like I had Q Ed little too much and I chose step back for the entire month of January as promised her.  This Also gave me a chance to regroup plan for future events and to watch as a great many others being inspirations and stepping up to queue for the first time…. and I got to witness the likes a Buckeye yesterday downtown working out to the smooth stylings of Lawrence Welk ! Who would’ve guessed that he loves Sinatra as well?
Whether or not you’ve watched any of the show The Walking Dead you undoubtedly notice it’s influence on television good or bad. It is been my favorite show for a great number of years primarily for it’s uncanny ability to shock repeatedly. One of the most diabolical characters ever to grace silver screen or the small screen is the character of Negan ….. either love to hate him or hate to love him! One of his favorite items to use as a baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire called Lucille! Today I re-created my own with an aluminum bat instead of wood as noted by sledge o matic used razor wire from Halloween to wrap its ends. I also donned my “ this is my Walker killing shirt” complete with blood stains…… now on to the show!
At the end of the previous season of The Walking Dead all towns were decimated from a vicious war range between all the factions. Leader of the good side Rick Grimes finally bested Negan but he chose let him live which was NOT very well received by the rest of the groups! He remained in prison until the mid season finale and now tomorrow he is loose again!!!
To represent our rebuilding in the aftermath there was a tire pull as our timer … pulling it back-and-forth four times at least until Hipaa had to add weight to really add to the ‘drag’ …. This  simulated the group going after the covered wagon in the show during this season. Also present right there was Lucille for swinging!
Next up and had a variety of kettle bells for kettle bell swing followed by station with bricks that we were using to represent the rebuilding of the walls of Alexandria. Exercises here with a merkin single arm raise each side lateral raises the side and front.
Also this season there was a huge flood that wiped out the bridge all the communities and in a major rebuilding effort all factions got together to rebuild it …..we had two 4 x 4‘s one 4 foot the other 4 1/2 feet that we would squat with or while on our six we would press above…. some choose to use both for the extra challenge.
We must not forget the walls of Hilltop  so we had coupons and we were doing overhead presses as well as curls to rebuild those walls.
Let’s not forget the devastation that occurred in sanctuary……. so now we have the slam ball pretty obvious as well as a 10 pound ball with handles that we either passed from hand to hand clockwise rotation around the body also many used it to clean press above their head.
Lastly let’s not forget that we need to dig for some of these bodies so we have dumbbells simulating in a. shovel fashion. And some where during workout  my M decides to text me a Starbucks order thinking that I am at the Sunday run  out where the Starbucks is located in the Harris Teeter!!
Approximately the halfway point we broke away and shuffle zombie like fashion …..I’m sorry walker fashion across the parking lot and back doing launch walk squat. Today’s music selection had two of the songs used for the last two years of video footage promoting the show one from the band called future royalty the other Rival Sons…. song titles take what’s mine and the other was doing your worst… The rest of it put in Nirvana and Motley Crue and end it with the majority of Rob zombie/white zombie as he tends to epitomize the appearance of the apocalypse and it’s denizens! Approximately five minutes to spare Boot Camp crew arrived and I choose that time and I am one for an exercise using the slam ball where the crew gathered in a circle pass off the ball to the next person if in that passing the ball is dropped … five penalty Burpee‘s if you personally drop it you only have five penalty Burpee‘s. All went well until Hipaa intentionally dropped it Voodoo look like his puppy had been kicked Hipaa with a broad smile gladly fell down to is five Burpee’s…. and then it was “on” as the ball was being pitched across to others to see just how far this will go!!!!
Yo Adrian did announcements also warmup before all this and prayed us out !!!
Til the next zombie ….. errr walker apocalypse ……