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  • When: 02/09/2019
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  • QIC: Tiger
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  • PAX: Quiche, Dr Seuss (R), Anchorman (R), Virus (R), Pockets, Radar, Norwood, Termite (R), Freon, Doodles, Tiger

Word got out that Tiger had one of the Q’s today and whole group decided it was a better idea to go all the way to New Orleans.  Wise decision.  Safe travel to you all and good luck in the races.

For those of us who decided to stay home and step out on a Saturday morning, here’s how it went:

Pledge.  Mosey up Nichols hill and back down Myrtle street to corner of Stowe Park.  Q calls for some hill work.  From Main to Central up Myrtle street is a hill.  Hills are not fun.  Let’s do it.  Eleven utility poles on left side. At each pole 10 merkins, back to start of hill for 10 squats.  Go from start to next pole, rinse and repeat at each utility pole.  First few not too bad, but the last about five were tough having done the hill so many times.  At last pole stay at top of hill

Mosey to Davis Park.  Modified triple nickel.  Five step ups each leg on picnic table (that’s 10 total for Midoryama goers)  then to park for five pull ups, run up the hill for five merkins.

Got about 10 minutes left, mosey (up another hill of course) and back to Stowe park for Mary.  Go to Yank.  Time.  Really tough workout today, way to push the rock men!!

Q spoke a moment on Galatians 5:22-23, Fruit of the Spirit, and how important being disciplined is in maintaining a healthy spirit.

Announcements: CSAUP upcoming in two weeks, 2nd F at Wild Wing Café the afternoon of CSAUP time to be determined, rooster, looking for another runner for P200, 2nd F on Fridays on Main Street Belmont at Station.

Prayer requests: Pizza Man M, Top Hat and family, brother from Lake Norman who committed suicide – his family and friends, others who struggle with depression or problems, brothers traveling to New Orleans and their families, this week Pax Anchorman, Virus, Swimmer, Broke, Gold Digger, Roscoe, Bed Pan, Linus and families

YHC took us out

Always an honor