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  • When: 12/06/2018
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  • PAX: Volt, Medicine Woman, Gumby, Bedpan, Montross, HIPAA (QIC)

Apparently if you don’t live in Dallas you are considered “City Boy”, this is according to the Folsom GroupMe chat. Well this “City Boy” decided to take the Q, even though I have been hesitant to Q there again after very consistent slim showing of PAX when I Q there. The night before I guessed that about 4 PAX would show from the normal Folsom crowd.  Arrived at Folsom on the cool, brisk morning to actually find 5. Should’ve been 6 but I guess Sparky got stuck in his tree stand and couldn’t get out. In all fairness Sparky did let YHC know his Sandy V, I mean his Medicine Woman Leg, I mean his leg, was bothering him the night before. Although the PAX did let me know that they thought he said his leg was fine??? Its all good Sparky, you’re my family so I let it slide.



Next, grab a cinder block and head to the Tennis courts.

The Thang:

I’ve really missed seeing Mayor at workouts, I know his back has been bothering him so not calling him out for not posting. He’s a true HIM. That said I decided to take a page out of his book and brought the HUNDO to Folsom but with some added twists. The HUNDO is 100 reps of a given exercise. Here were the instructions given to the PAX from the City Boy:

Do 100 reps of the exercise. If you stop/pause during the reps it’s 1 burpee for each time you stop. Keep that number in your head and wait until you finish your 100 reps. When we are all done with our reps, we will collectively add up the number of stops amongst the PAX and multiply that number by 2. ALL PAX will perform said number of burpees.

1st set:

100 curls

Apparently Volt didn’t understand this City boy’s instructions. Maybe I talk funny?? All I know is when some PAX stopped the first time they did their burpee. I told them to wait.  Boy was Volt hot when we all finished and he had to burpees together! Yes, Volt, even you had to do them. I know you didnt stop during your set, but we did. And this was explained in the instructions.

4 stops = 8 burpees

After Volt complained we mixed up the HUNDO a little and went on a small mosey around the Tennis courts, in a very weird, HIPAA like fashion.

Arrived back at our blocks

100 Chest presses. Lets mix this up and start doing Flutter kicks when you hit 50 reps. If memory serves correctly, everyone finished their sets with no stopping

Mosey around tennis court again, but this time just around the outer edge, nothing fancy this time.

100 Overhead Presses

6 stops = 12 burpees

Mosey around tennis court again in that weird HIPAA way

100 Dips. Try and use the cinder block if you can. Bedpan disappered out of the tennis courts for these. We only can assume he actually did the exercise, but I doubt it.

5 stops = 10 burpees

Mosey around tennis court again in that weird HIPAA way

Volt had enough of my delivering of pain and decided it was best he hit the road. See ya man, Ill make sure you get in the Backblast!

100 Overhead Tricep Extensions but with a twist. I decided to call this a 50/50 split as i knew we’d be stopping a lot on this. So heres what we did. Break out the F3 workout deck. Do 50 reps. If you stop during the 50 reps, grab a card from the deck. After we all finish 50 1 PAX grabs a card from the deck to perform after we finish all 100 reps. Do your other 50 reps, again If you stop during the 50 reps, grab a card from the deck. Now that we finished the 100 reps grab another card.

10 stops = 20 Burpees

4 Cards were drawn in total. Bear Crawl (Q chooses distance), High Plank, Low Plank & Rosalittas. We bear crawled to the net and back then did our planks about 45 seconds each, then T-Ron led us on Rosalittas.

70 Burpees total today!

For the PAX trying to figure out what the hell YHC was doing when moseying, this was the end result. Little fun with Strava.



Announcements – Xmas parties F3 & Camp Sertoma (Pre-Blast coming soon) on the 15th. Convergence on the 15th. After Convergence Clavin leading a run to the “Santa of Dillards” house (1.5 miles?)

Prayer requests

YHC took us out

Gentleman, always a pleasure coming out to Folsom. Best mumblechatter around. It is a bit of a drive for me but always well worth it. I appreciate your hard work this morning. See you all soon.