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  • When: 12/01/2018
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  • QIC: Tiger
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  • PAX: Virus(R), Dr Seuess (R), Sargento, Boudin, Roscoe, Gold Digger, Dirt (R), Anchor Man(R)

The Yank was gracious enough to lend its facility to Girls on the Run 5k event, so YHC decided to show the Pax some new areas of Belmont and stay out of the girls way.    Here’s how it went:


SSH 15x, Imperial Walkers 10x, Don Qs 10x.  Pledge

Mosey to corner of Glenway and Catawba.  Go up Catawba stppimg at each utiliy pole for 10spider man merkins.  13 poles total.  Continue up Catawba to basketball court by Frady field.  Mumble chatter strong during mosey.  Them the jokes started.  All bad ones except YHC joke.  It was hilarious.  10 step ups each leg.  Head to baseline of court.  Shuffle  and touch floor on each shuffle in figure 8 pattern.  10 step ups.  Back to baseline for burpee suicides.  Start with one, go to top of key and back, two burpees, half court Three, top of key spposite four, opposite baseline five, and repeat on way back.  Mosey through neighborhood to one of the hills for triple nickel.  Diamond merkins and squat jumps.  Head back down Catawba.  Hit utility poles on way back for 10 flutter cruches at each  Finally a few minutes remain so we start 11’s, tiger squats and mike Tysons.  Time

Not many announcements, except Christas party, also remember operation sweet tooth.

Prayer requests Hippa’s aunt, and apologies that I can’t remember others.


YHC took us out

Always an honor