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  • When: 11/27/2018
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  • PAX: VooDoo, Outhouse, Madoff, Rudolph, Pedal, Defib, HIPAA (QIC)

Enjoyed Q’ng Bulldog for the 4 Tuesdays in November. I kept my promise to the PAX in hopes to see the new AO grow, and boy did it! Here’s how #4 went down:

Kotter in our presence, welcome back Outhouse!!

The Thang:


PAINOPOLY – YHC’s favorite and easiest weinke in F3 history. Except this time i made a slight change. Instead of my usual Chance and Community Chest cards, YHC decided to break out the Beatdown deck of death.

PAX were horrible at rolling the dice. We combined for 85 Burpees and someone drew the Ace of Spades from the deck, 100 Flutter Kicks.




Prayer requests

YHC took us out


Thank you guys for another unforgettable workout. Thank you to all that have filled in December open Q spots. Looking forward to it.