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  • When: 12/02/16
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  • QIC: Batman
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  • PAX: Whoopee (Irish Wedding), Turtleman (Kotter), Spiderman, Blart, Dolph, Gastone, Stroganoff, Hush Puppy, Short Sale, Bandit (aka Batman, QIC)

Maintaining my fitness is a critical responsibility to those in the inner circles of our Concentrica… this is my M and 2.0s. It’s important that I make the 1st F a priority because they rely on me. Lately… with work and family activities seeming to be at a all time high, I have been slacking off on my 1st F responsibilities. As a result… i’m not where i was 6 months ago and looking to change that. The good news… I have all the tools and motivation I need with F3, just need to get out of the fart sack and do the work.

Well, I could use all the extra Q power I can muster. So as I prepared for today’s Q earlier this week, I was looking hard for something extra in the tank. I remembered that last time I was hanging out with Bruce Wayne, he said it was cool if I borrowed one of his bat suits. Well…maybe Mrs. Bandit bought me a Batman t-shirt with a black cape for Halloween. So when the Bat Clock went off at 0440, Bandit put down the cowboy hat, and suited up to go fight evil… Bandit dressed as Bat Man.

It was 0529 and with an official Double Digit Midget (lexicon – look it up), we knocked out the Disclaimer and Pledge and then got to work. Here is what happened today in Downtown Gotham gloom…

Warm Up
– SSH x 20
– Squat x 20
– Toy Solider x 10
– Don Quixote x 10 (for Tool Time)
– We threw in some Monkey Humpers for the late arrivals – kind of a salute if you will.
– Press, Press, Fling (for Roscoe) x1 #NotAnExcercise

Mosied to the parking deck for a modified Four Corners. Along the way, lots of comments on who the most powerful super hero is. Of course it is BATMAN!!!!!!!! Each station was IC as we progressed up one level.
– Dying Cockroaches x20
– LBC x20
– American Hammers x20
– Mountain Climbers x20

Rinse and repeat as we traversed back down. Then off with a short mosey to Place De L’Art to grab a bench for some Arm Squats and Step Ups
– Arm Squats (aka Dips) IC x15
– Step Ups IC x 20
– Rinse and repeat x2

Next we mosey back to the Pavilion, then to the west end of the parking lot to partner up for some Dora 1-2-3. Along the way YHC dialed up some motivational music on the Bat Communicator. A little Rocky, Chariots of Fire, Top Gun, Star Wars…
– Mericans x100
– LBCs x200
– Squats x300

Somewhere near the end of Dora 1-2-3, we lost Whoppee… off to save lives again. #HIM

Next we mosey back near the Pavillion for some wall work with…
– Wall Sit w/ air press x20
– Donkey Kick’s x20
– Hip Slappers x5 (YHC really looking around for Robin at this point)

We wrapped things up back at that Pavillion with 3 Minutes of Mary… thanks to Stroganoff for the 40 flutter kicks. Ouch!

Finally, we finish with COT, Namarama and BOM