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  • When: 11/26/2016
  • AO:
  • QIC: PAX-led
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Gomer, Oompa Loompa, JJ, JK2, Monk, Top Hat

A small group began to gather in the parking lot of the Schiele. As time neared 0700, there was talk of how the count may be thin because of the holiday weekend or the presence of the Ghost Flag at the Yank and the crowd that could draw.

As we passed the start time, it became apparent that this PAX may be officially Q-less for the day. At that point, Monk took hold of the situation and decided to lead the warm-up.

Before the warm-up though, the disclaimer was given. In this case something like, “There are no FNG’s so you all know you’re an idiot. There is no official Q so there is no one to sue if you could sue someone, which you can’t, so there is definitely no one to sue.”

At that point, we started the warm-up.
SSH x 20
Toy Soldiers x 20
Plank Jacks x 20
WW1 Sit-ups x 20ish
Mosey to the flag

The Pledge

Mosey to the steps behind First Presbyterian

Top Hat brought his deck of cards so he laid out a card in six parking spaces. Each card contained an exercise thus creating six pain stations. The goal was to complete the exercise in that station then bear crawl to the top of the stairs and run back down. Then on to the next station until all 6 were completed by each man. Stations were:

Plank Jacks x 20
LBCs x 50
Squats x 20
Seal Jacks x 20
Flutter Kicks x 50
CDDs x 20

As Top Hat relinquished his hold on the Q, the PAX looked at each other with “what next” faces. At that point, Monk led a mosey to the track over at Sherwood Elementary. A round of Dora 1-2-3 was suggested with Dips (x100), WW1 Sit-ups (or as someone called them Big Boy sit-ups) (x200), and Squats (x300) being the final agreed upon sequence. The 200 sit-ups caused a few groans, but the group was up to the task.

The PAX paired up as partner A ran to the other side of the track and back while partner B did the exercises. When partner A returned, the men switched and partner B ran while partner A did the exercises.

I personally found myself at one point sounding like Monica Seles on Center Court at Wimbledon trying to grunt and groan my way through the sit-ups.

Next, the PAX took a lap around the gauntlet of doom (otherwise known as the kid’s playground equipment). At one point around the loop, someone reminded the group that the disclaimer was correct and that we were all idiots for trying that.

We did a mosey around the remaining half of the track and then back towards the Schiele. We stopped in the office park and did a Zombie Walk from one end to the other. Then completed the mosey to the Schiele.

We had time before the bells would end our time together so we finished out with a quick round of Mary.

Don Uixote’s (since there was no Q) x25. The pace was also slowed at one point so I don’t know if those would be called Don Qui-slow-te’s.
Military Presses x 25
Imperial Walkers x 25
Alabama Ass Kickers x10 (each leg)

At that point, the bell tolled and put a halt to our work.

The upcoming convergence and toy drive for Operation Sweet Tooth

Prayer Requests
All of the sirens that were heard throughout the workout. We literally heard them during the entire workout, and I saw an ambulance fly by as I was pulling out of the Schiele.
Brown Streak’s M’s upcoming surgery.
Those that are facing the upcoming holiday season with financial, emotional, or spiritual struggles.
Also, teenagers as they deal with the struggles and trials in today’s world.
There were probably others, but luckily the Sky-Q heard them and has a better handle on things than YHC.

Top Hat took us out with a prayer.

Monk then led a strong 3rd F at Panera. We talked through the second chapter of 1 John and how we all need to love like Jesus.

Strong work by all.  If I missed any details, I blame the 15 servings of pecan pie I consumed over the previous couple of days.  Let me know if anything needs to be added.