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  • When: 11/26/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Freight
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Sargento, Flush (Respect), Tooltime, Brownstreak, Defib, Edison, Gumby, Eddie, Solomon (FNG), Frog (Respect,FNG)

11 showed for a beatdown at the Fighting Yank. 2 being FNG’s. There would’ve been 12 but Skuiesshh had some kind of fashionista thing he was dealing with so he said he was adding 3 more miles to his already 8. It’s been a few months since I’ve been to the Yank so I was excited to be back. I’ve been on the road with the nomad crew. To be honest I was really just excited about the western omelet at Cherubs.

No one showed for the ghost flag. Brief disclaimer for the FNG’s and we got started.


SSH x 20ic

Don Quixte x 10ic

Tooltime seemed to enjoy the view of the Q so much I decided the next exercise should be monkey humpers.

Monkey Humpers x 10ic

Toy Soldiers x 10ic

Hillbilly’s x 10ic


Mosey to the ball field

The Thang:

Some time back The Mayor got us involved in a burpeethon to raise money for the Special Olympics. Great cause and event that I hope we all get involved in next year. Since we always need to be training I thought today would be a great time for it. We split into 2-4 man teams and 1-3 man team. Tooltime and Flush seem to have a habit of getting on the 3 man team. Take turns running out 20 yards and do 10 burpee’s until as a team you reach 300. Great job by all on this one even if you wanted to punch me in the face! That being said nothing brings out the mumble chatter like burpee’s. Especially this many. Well it wasn’t really mumbling as much as yelling and maybe some cursing.

Mosey to the corner in front of the school.

YHC advised the PAX we would be running to the point at the Main St intersection stopping at each intersection for 10 jump squats equaling to 60. Once the 6 arrived we turned around and did 5 merkins at each intersection.

Mosey to the pull-up bars.

Everyone planked while 2 PAX did 5 pull-ups then switched out until all had done a round. Rinse and repeat.

Mosey back to the Flag.

With a little time to spare we decided to do some ab mary. Tooltime called phiffer scissors x 10, Brownstreak called american hammers x 10ic, then I’m not sure who but someone called dying cockroaches x 15.


Announcements-Advisory board meeting Sunday at 7, Holiday party after the first of the year.

Named the FNG’s. Welcome Frog and Solomon. These guys did a great job on there first day out. They are obviously in pretty good shape already.

Prayer Request-Dr Feelgood’s family, Shrimp Boat is heading out on a mission trip Dec.31st.



So 4 of us went to Cherub’s but only 3 could stay for breakfast. So as I had stated previously I was really looking forward to that omelet. Well today’s menu was altered because of breakfast with Santa so no omelet could be had. I would have been a little more disappointed had I not gotten to see Santa. It was quit funny having three sweaty grown men piled into a restaurant of kids and families waiting for Santa. Don’t tell him I said it but I think Brownstreak really wanted to sit on his lap.