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  • When: 11/22/16
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  • QIC: Medicine Woman
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  • PAX: Huckleberry, Gomer, Hank, roadie, Medicine Woman(QIC)

Had a pretty good turnout in the Folsom gloom for a Tuesday beat down. It’s only about 29 degrees, I’m guessing that’s the reason for all the farsacking going on. I really dropped the ball on preparation, but at Folsom, it’s easy to wing it. 5:30 hits, so let’s do it!


SSH x15 IC

Don Quiote x15 Ic

hillbillies x15 IC


tha thang

mosey to the horse arena. Box jump up the 5 levels for 5 burpees, back down for 15 dips IC, followed by 15 squats IC, and LBCs x 15 YHC IC. Rinse and repeat x4. Then a good long mosey the long way towards the amphitheater. Find a spot on he wall for 20 donkey kicks OYO, 20 rocky balboas OYO, then I was kinda pondering another exercise when Hank said burpee. Welp, follow the balboas with 20 burpees OYO. Mumble chatter pretty heavy, but I still had one more exercise to add, yes, crunch position leg extensions x 20 Iac on YHC count. Rinse repeat 4 times. I check our distance and we’re short of 2 miles by 4 tenths and time is getting slim, so let’s mosey around the lower parking lot the long way back up to the flag. My watch says 1.9 miles. I’ll go with 2 just cause I want to hit that mark every time I Q.

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prayer lead out by QIC

thankful for this movement and especially the Folsom guys and the accountability.