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  • When: November 24, 2016
  • AO:
  • QIC: Monk
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Madoff, T Square, Kwuitzche, Brownstreak, Defib, Messy, Phelps, Oompa Loompa, Tool Time, Sargento, Roscoe

Warmup: SSH, Imp W, Toy Soldiers, Moroccans, M humpers, … 3 corners (5 burpees, 15 lbc, 25 squats oyo) mosey to parking lot

The Thang!
Train rule in effect. Lots of abs b/c that’s where the Tgiving dinner goes & core so you stay on balance: We started with a (Modified) Captain Thor (1 WWII sit up to 4 American Hammers for ten reps), and while performing Captain Thor a (very loud) train arrived and required 5 burpees oyo. I had planned several ab exercises in cadence but the train whistle made it impossible to hear anything from anyone. So I screamed  “25 LBC’s” until the PAX understood. The train had passed by the end of the LBC’s so we continued ab/core exercises in cadence: Flutter kicks, The Bruce, up/down planks, Outlaws, Protractor, Sweat Angels. Up/down planks produced mumble chatter from PAX in short sleeves, and NO sympathy was offered!

Mosey to ball court down the street for Thanksgiving dinner: Triple Check 4X
Then Bearpees across the parking lot.

Mosey back to the gazebo in Cramerton for a quick Dora 1-2-3 with 20 Merkins, 40 LBCs, and 60 squats.

Brought it home with American hammer, backstroke (ht Roscoe), Flutter kicks (ht Tool Time), and Dying Cockroaches (ht Madoff)

Madoff brought Messy and 1 FNG, a swimmer who we named Phelps.

Announcements: Convergence 12/17 at the Schiele. Look for Operation Sweet Tooth Pre-Blast soon from Roscoe. Consider leading a 3rd F (Saturdays post-beatdown at Panera); plan is to read I John together.

Prayer requests: Families of PAX, esp. Feelgood, T Square, and Bandit. Monk’s mentor recuperating from surgery.

Coffeteria at Floyd & Blackies and 3rd F post-beatdown. We read George Washington’s first Thanksgiving Day Proclamation and noticed the strong, clear acknowledgement of and gratitude for what Divine Providence has given to our nation. Also discussed giving to others in a way that develops self-reliance rather than learned helplessness. Then read Pres. Obama’s 2014 Thanksgiving Day Proclamation and found something for everyone: lots about friendship, family, and community, a bit about religion there too.

Thanx PAX. A pleasure to be with you this AM. Happy Thanksgiving. Safe travels.