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  • When: 11/05/16
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  • QIC: DaVinci
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  • PAX: JK2, Short Sale, Roscoe, Package, Sledge-O-Matic, DaVinci (QIC)

6 faithful High Impact Men hung in there with me this past Saturday.

I forgot to call it on Twitter beforehand, but decided to get in a pre-warmup mile.  I’ve really been pushing myself more thanks to great running tips from Whoopie and JK2 about thinking FAST thoughts (deer, squirrels, jets, drag racers) and controlling breathing.  This has helped me immensely to gain endurance and stamina!  I also decided to distract myself by singing in my head, but being the musician that I am, couldn’t keep it in. So anyone around Grier Middle School at 0645 on Saturday heard a really bad broken up breathy version of Eye Of The Tiger! As I reached the climax of the chorus on the home stretch down the hill “…watching us all with the eyyyyyyyyyeeee…..” I hear someone yell across Garrison Blvd “…OF THE TIGER!!!”  Unbeknownst to me, JK2 also was taking a pre-warmup run!

We met some more HIMs at the AO and got a 2 minute late start on:

SSH IC x 20, Moroccan NightClub IC x50, Plank Jack IC x20, Imperial Walker IC x25, LBC IC x15 & American Hammer IC x30

A little mosey to the flag pole to salute Old Glory and then we moseyed back up to Grier Middle football field.

The Thang

I chose team and partner exercises and we ran half lap to the other goal post in between — WalkerStrong, 2 sets of Partner Derkins x 10 , 2 sets of Partner WallSit @ 30 seconds and Bropees x 10

Then taking advantage of the picnic tables we alternated a lap down steps, around behind the dugout and back up (if you are familiar with the AO you hate that hill!!) with: Stepups starting with Right leg x 30, Stepups starting with left leg x 30, Derkins x 30 and Dips x 30. There was still plenty of time for a little Ring Of Fire.  YHC cannot do math whilst working out so I screwed up the count at the beginning, but we went with rounds of merkins for each number 1-6.

We moseyed back to the parking lot with a quick salute to traffic with Monkey Humpers IC x 10.

With still plenty of time, we headed down the monster hill at the nature trail for some random Mary-ish exercises.  Merkins IC x 10, Flutter Kick IC x 50 (thanks JK2 for calling this one), Imperial Walkers IC x20 (thanks ShortSale for calling this one).  We had just enough time to climb the hill and finish off with 10 Burpees OYO.  The bells of freedom rang at about #7, but we all finished anyway.  Thanks to this great bunch of men who push me into better physical and mental shape!

Prayer requests for Spiderman’s daughter, our country for election day (and after), men on the IR.  Don’t forget “The Climb” CSAUP next weekend!! All reconvened for Coffeteria and an impromptu 3rd F led by Sledge-O-Matic.

YHC — DaVinci