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In an effort to generate some more interest at TheStorm AO, I pre-blasted that I had something special today. It was all a ploy to see who might show-nothing special, just a good old-fashioned beatdown planned. The weather has been just right and I think I have finally recovered from the extra hour of sleep from Daylight Savings so I was looking forward to getting out there on a day I don’t usually make it.

At 530A we started with a mosey to the baseball field to load some cinder blocks for the upcoming CSAUP. They were put into Freight’s sled so he could deliver to the CSAUP on Friday. He was probably a little late to work so I’m going to count him as being “sort-of” present for today’s workout-thanks Freight. Can’t wait for Friday so we can get a good “Midorymama heat” experience Downtown when you Q. Dolph mentioned he was going to wear something special…..let’s see if he delivers. #gottaleaveearlyifhedoes

After the mosey and quick block work (apologies to BA-should have done something besides carry them to the truck), we did a quick disclaimer then finished the WU with 10 IC SSH, Squats, Mtn Climbers, Flutter Kicks (?20-25ish), Imperial Walkers, then Merkins. We finished the WU with 5 burpees OYO then did a short mosey with buttkickers, high knees, slide this way, slide that way, karaoke, then mosey to the wall outside the weight room. No keys to the weight room so had to sweat it out in the cooler weather. Somebody send BA some flowers and a box of candy so he makes sure not to miss a winter workout once it is cold-the weight room sure looked comfy today.

My pre blast showed a pic from Game of Thrones-my latest attempt at reading a book series-HOLY NUTS it is long-think I am on page 2,300-something and have a long way to go. There is a guy named Hodor that is somewhat of a mental midget and carries around a crippled character. This was my motivation for the workout. We did a Hodor Hip Slapping Escalator Down exercise. Partner up, 10 Hip Slappers, Hodor Carry partner about 40 yards (second island in parking lot) then both mosey back. Hodor Carry is either piggy back or fireman carry. I was lucky enough to have Mayor on my back and got to hear about the games he and Dolph have played in the past….#comeinTokyo. I made that trip as fast as I could-was wondering if I was going to need some vaseline before it was all over. Good thing it was cold out…..We did 4 trips I think (2 each) with Hip Slappers X 10, 8, 6, then 10. For the record, we voted on the # reps for last one (it is election day, isn’t it??) but only Dolph (maybe Huckleberry also???) spoke up so we did what he said….

Next we moseyed around the school to the back lot (Dolph demonstrated some fine hurdling skills) and considered climbing the wooden platform that could have been a lot of fun and dangerous. Brought back memories of “hey y’all watch this. Figured we didn’t want to get booted from this AO or end up in the ER just yet so we passed on that. Once at the back, we met Jack Webb-no one knew who Jack Webb was so we did a full set of 10 Jack Webbs. I offered a 2 point discount but was not gonna happen today. Look it up, may come in handy in the future. After the Jack Webbs, we partnered up again (different partners) and did 2 minutes of AMRAP for 3 exercises (with a short break in middle cause the Q was in pain) separated by short mosey, jump up on the loading dock, then Hodor carry partner down the ramp. We did Merkins, SSH, then Flutter kicks. Don’t think I really liked 2 minutes of SSH so that will definitely be in the future again.

We moseyed back to the front with a short people’s chair on the way, then did some wall work. I again put it to a vote: donkey kicks or hip slappers…..and the winner was….both. Thanks guys for not wussing out. Suspect the guys at Midorymama would have just done 1 or the other, certainly not both. We finished with the wall work then moseyed to the flag for Mary (5 reps of something by all present-can’t remember all of them but I know someone, maybe Mayor, did V ups and we finished with Huckleberry’s Burpees).

We finished with the Pledge, announcements, namorama, and a COT/prayer. Glad to report that Floppy Disk’s wife did well this past week and hopeful for those on IR to return safely soon.

If posting this week and able, please bring Chicken Noodle soup, gatorade,…liquid nutrition stuff when you post for my 2.0’s Girl Scout Project for Silver Award.

Great work today guys. Again, don’t forget about Freight posting Friday AM and bringing the Midorymama heat….