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  • When: 11-1-16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Dolph
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Roadie, Sparky, Garfiield, Hank, Medicine Woman, Huckleberry, Gumby, Gomer

YHC rolled in hot to 8 men standing in the gloom. After unloading the coupons in the lower lot, we jumped right into the warmup

SSH x10 IC, Mericans x 10 IC, Squats x 10 IC, CDD’s x 10 IC, Windmills x 10 IC, Toysoldiers x 10 IC. The Pledge. Mosey to the lower parking lot. Gomer was notified that the first man to bottom of the hill has to flip the tire back up the hill.

The Thang;
3 sets of hill sprints 30yds, top of hill 5 burpees.
Mosey to bottom of parking lot where there was a Kettle bell in one corner and a training sand bag in the other, and yes the tire was at the top of parking lot, approx 50 yds away.
Round 1; Sandbag clean and press x 10, run to kettle bell for 10 curls, run to tire for 5 flips. One man start at sandbag while the Pax perform flutter kicks, once man 1 finishes at sandbag man 2 starts and so on. Pax perform flutter kicks till last man starts. That was a lot of flutter kicks medicine woman. Round 2 starts at sandbag with Merican pulls x 10, Kettle bell swing x 10, 5 tire flips; Pax performing Russian twists. Round 3 sand bag shoulder throws x 10, Kettle bell snatch x 5 each side (muble chatter), 5 tire flips. Mosey over to wall at picnic shelter for 10 donkey kicks IC and 10 Hip slappers IC. Mosey back to COT at upper parking lot.

Hill sprints definitely got the blood flowing, Huckleberry with false start and won the first set. Next was the heavy lifting which got the mumble chatter going and kept it coming. I think the sandbag weighed as much as Gomer. It doesn’t get any easier you just get stronger. AYE! Nice work men. The ab excercises were a bit lenghtly but good. We busted a sandbag but nothing a little duct tape can’t handle. Thought this would be a good mix up and the Pax seem to enjoy it as well. #DRP

COT; Namorama, Announcements (Hank mentioned a wood spliting work out at his place, he will provide the wood) Prayer requests.

BOM; Thanks Sparky for taking us out. Nice job men.