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BackBlast- #TheStorm: I’m An Idiot And You Are Too If You Follow Me…… Don’t Die

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  • When: 11/01/16
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  • QIC: BA
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  • PAX: BA (QIC), Stroganoff, Whoopee, Gastone, Madoff, JK2, Bandit
7 PAX Showed Up To Put In Some Work At #TheStorm Early This Morning.
Some Good Mumble Chatter And A Delayed Start By Maybe A Minute As We Waited For Madoff To Get Out Of His Rolls-Royce.  BA Remembered To Give His Special Disclamer: “I’m An Idiot And You Are Too If You Follow Me…. Don’t Die”.


And It Began…..


-Pledge Of Allegiance-


Cheetah’s Don’t Stretch Before The Hunt…. We Didn’t Either
-Mosey To The Sidewalk Near Weight Room And Partner Up-


Upper Body/Lower Body/Necks
  • Partner 1- 100 Neckies(Roxberrys)/ Partner 2- Parnter Zombie Walk Forward and Backward To/From First Parking Island
Switch Back And Forth Until The 100 Neckies Are Done In Aggregate
(Some Good Talk About HIPPA Laws During These Exercises)


-Mosey To The Weight Room-
  • Sally While Holding 25lbs
  • LBCs (In Cadence) x 10
  • Farmer Carries For The Song Farmer’s Daughter
(Some Of The Pax Grabbed 75lbs For One Hand….Immediate Regret Was Overheard)
  • Moroccan Nightclubs (In Cadence) x 20
Mosey Out To The Parking Lot And Partner Up-
  • Partner 1- 300 Merkins/ Partner 2- Run To 2nd Parking Lot Island And Perform 10 LBCs
Switch Back And Forth Until The 300 Merkins Are Done In Aggregate


-Mosey To The Weight Room-
  • Wall Sits While Holding 25lb Weights Through The Song Sail.  Owe 5 Merkins Everytime You Fall Or Stand Up
  • LBCs (In Cadence) x 20
  • Roxanne- Push Ups And Plank Jacks Through The Song Roxanne
  • Moroccan Nightclubs (In Cadence) x 20
-Count Off For A Brief Break-
  • 2.5 lb Weights Arm Hold Through The Song Kick Start My Heart.  Owe 5 Merkins Everytime You Bring Your Arms Down         (Whoopie Departs After Doing His Merkins Owed)
  • Homer And Marge (In Cadence) x 10
  • Moroccan Nightclubs (In Cadence) x 20


Mosey To The Parking Lot
  • Side Straddle Hop (In Cadence) x 10
(JK2 Informs Me It Is Not Time And I Want To Give Him His Monies Worth)
  • Side Straddle Hop (In Cadence) x 10


Announcements: CSAUP, Party At Whoopees, And Toy Drive
Prayers: A Few Pax Brought Up Concerns About Health Concerns For Relatives And CoWorkers
Coffeeteria: 1 at Floyd and Blackies in Cramerton
I enjoyed leading today.

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  1. Gastone

    Great Q, BA. My shoulders are still singing Roxanne right now.

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