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  • When: 10/31/16
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  • QIC: Monk
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We ran … JKII and I. That’s really all we did. Well, we started with a few SHH, but it seemed a bit ridiculous with only two of us there, so we just started running. JKII confessed that he really wanted to fartsack, but he knew I had to be there, so he came. If he hadn’t I was going to call this backblast “Snipe Hunt.” But thanks for coming JKII. I truly enjoyed our conversation and the fine companionship.

Oh yes and here’s the workout. We ran … through Belmont, going out from SCHS through some back road to S Central St. Belmont, turned right, up to Armstrong, right on Eagle, to Lakewood, up the hill, back to SCHS.

We prayed for all F3 men, esp those of Gashouse confronting particular challenges this week.

There it is. Short and sweet!