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  • When: 10/14/16
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Dealers choice today was the bag of abs and sounds of pain.  One bag contained a slew of exercises ranging from contra burpies to telling a joke. The other bag contained the number of reps or time intervals to preform chosen exercises.  For example, one Pax pulled crab cakes and the other tag pulled was 1 minute.  That equals 1 minute of crab cakes, accompanied by sounds of pain followed by smells of pain followed by sounds of gagging.  A better way to start a Friday I think not.

Warm Up
merkins x 10 cadence
perter parker  x 10 cadence
werkins  x 10 cadence
lbc  x 10 cadence
the squat x 20 cadence

Teenie tiny run around several city blocks back to the trunk of brick and mortar. Bricks always help. All following exercises were performed with bricks.

Here’s a rundown on the exercises:
Flutterkicks, merkins, burpies, bear crawl inch worm, crab cakes, bobby hurly, mountain climbers, plank jacks, burpie shoulder press, canoes, count off, tell a joke, squats, freddy mercury and a few more.

Time interval range:
30 sec & 1 minute

Reps range:
15 reps, 30 reps, 40 reps

Mary showed up for 2 minutes then ran away in defeat.

Special call out to 40 seconds of Bobby Hurly, Circle of Bear Crawl Inch Worm, and Contra Burpies.

Good group today, really into the workout & great attitudes.  Can’t ask for a better bunch.