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  • When: 09/28/16
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  • QIC: Cheddar
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Commish (R), Squid, fahvra, Frasier, Snookie, Torpedo, Tuck, Heartbreaker, Strawberry, Cheddar

10 Pax followed an unoriginal routine through the Stonecrest shopping center. This is how it all went down:



Side straddle hop 15

Windmill 10

Merkin 10

Cotton pickers 10

Low Slow Squat 10


The Thang

Mosey – behind the cinema with the biggest slope


Jacobs Ladder –

ran up a slippery slope do 1 jump squqts run down run down do 10 arm raises

Then run up do 2 jump squats run down run down do 10 arm raises… 7 jump squats


(next thanks to GoGreeneGo – from F3 Shelby – F3Revolution) – that was the F3 SOB failed attempt of getting the ghost flag. Thanks Gashouse, you sure pushed us.

Make you way to the field near the road and line up arms length apart in the plank

Last man runs/jumps over the over legs.

Keep going until reach second power pole


(next thanks to Pebbles – taken from Stonehenge )

10 minute – 100 burpees Challenge. YHC calls each set start

Each minute sets of 8,9,10,11,12,12,11,10,9,8


Ran to the fountain

Box Jumps 3×10




American Hammer

Heals to Heaven



Mosey – Back to Base


YHC was true to his name Cheddar – second mouse gets the cheese , last to arrive 2 min before the workout #workinprogress. When we started on the mosey YHC nearly forgot his orientation to make a sharp turn behind the Movie Theatre. I didnt hear much chatter, maybe a good thing. Frasier doesnt seem like he sweated even a single bullet. He decided to do merkins instead of the burpees on protest (let me tell you he could have done all 100 + 20 more in the same time). YhC inspired by Imitation is the best form of Flattery and decided to incorporate GoGreeneGo and Pebbles routine into the morning routine. Also realized this was more lower body intensive, will try on my next q to keep it balanced. Commish is gettin back there after taking a break, looked great. Squid, Tuck and Strawberry were all business. Fahvra probably found this whole routine a warm-up. Torpedo looked good and decided to q sometime at the Maul – getting you on the list buddy. Heartbreaker and Snookie were good too, also refrained from complaining about the workout.


Thought of some stretches but ran out of time. Another time!


As always thanks for the opportunity to lead




  • Charity – Crisis Center – “Relatives” – Supplies for Children in crisis who need food, shelter and resources. Collecting money for 4 weeks – cash donations give to Commish if coming to the Maul – Margo leading this effort you can contribute to him too
  • Southern Discomfort October 22nd – Sign up on Signupgenius
  • Anyone would like to Q let Commish or I  know. Always looking for new and old faces
  • Davinci looking for a Q for 10/8/16. Contact Tuck


Next Week Goonie on Q


Cheddar out!