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  • When: 09/20/2016
  • AO:
  • QIC: Brownstreak
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Mayor, Whoppee, Outhouse, JK2, Hokie, Tiny Tank, Lambskin (FNG), Boudin, Gilligan, Top Hat, Squeaker, Stroganoff, Brownstreak(Q)

I started out the morning with some EC with Outhouse and Whoppee. We ran to Goatisland and back for about 2.5 mile warmup before the other pax arrived. As everyone rolled in I was noticing a lot of new faces. Some newly posted guys from week ago to first time posters from Saturday. We did have one FNG among us. As the time drew near I welcomed all to the Brownstreak show and pre answered the question with ” no, it’s not what you think!” Welcomed Josh the FNG and explained he could remain Josh for the next 45 mins but after that he would be transformed and renamed…. A rebirthing if you will. Disclaimer was spoken and here’s what Brown threw down……..

Mosey around the parking lot island for some high knees, butt kicks, L&R side steps back around to circle up for more of…..
S: ssh 20ic
T: toy soldier 20ic
O: over head sqauts 20
R: reverse crunches 20ic
M: mericans 10ic

Mosey to the upper parking lot where the Painnado was stirring…..


20 Mt. Climbers
Run 0.1 miles (lap around parking lot island)

20 Diamond Mericans
Run 0.10 miles

20 Carolina Dry Docks
Run 0.10 miles

20 Mericans
Run 0.10 miles

20 WWII sit-ups
Run 0.10 miles


After two rounds of that the pax were fighting for wind cause it had just been sucked out of them….. We moseyed to the speed bump at the top of soccer field where we triple nickeled from speed bump to speed bump along soccer field where there is a slight incline…..

Triple Nickel:
5 Burpees at top
5 Sqauts at bottom
Repeato x5

The pax toughed thru this one. Great work men. We moseyed to the flag for the pledge.



Great work by everyone today. Everyone stayed together and encouraged the FNG. I explained that f3 is for YOU! It’s were you vs you. It’s not about being better than the next guy. Are there friendly rivals? Yes, but it’s all in fun. We are not here to discourage or break a man. So I want to thank everyone for the encouraging words and for sticking with the FNG! #HIM


The CSUAP in November. SIGN UP!

Welcome FNG “Lambskin”


Thanks guys for allowing me to lead and I look forward to growing stronger with each of you. Brownstreak out!!!