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  • When: 9/19/16
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  • QIC: Stroganoff
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  • PAX: L'Quieeeeeeeechea, Tool Time, Pink Floyd, JK2, Posi-Traction, Monk, Boudin, Stroganoff

It was gloomy. It was early. It’s Monday. Would anyone show up? Why did I tell Defib I would do this today? Well actually, I still owe a debt to Defib for the terrific massage……cigarette please.

As I turned toward The Storm, I saw multiple cars. I guess I will be Q’ing a workout this morning. Qwuizchea was the only one that received my memo about orange shirts…thank you. Nice to see another soccer Dad on the Pitch this morning (Boudin). Let’s go.

Quick disclaimer but no FNG’s, just 7 strong men (plus YHC) ready to start the week off right.

Warm-Up (In-Cadence)

SSH X 10
Imperial Walkers X 10

Let’s go.

We ran. Goat Island. Downtown Cramerton. Goat Island. Back to The Storm.

Mary (In-Cadence)

Flutter Kicks X 20
LBC’s X 20

Done. Around 4 miles. Pink Floyd: “This is twice as far as I have ever ran.” That was great to hear and made my time worthwhile this morning. This is why we do this, to get more of us working to be better leaders in better shape. Thanks for the words.

Anouncements: CSAUP on November 11-12; Sign up now.

Prayer Requests. Name-O-Rama.

Thanks for the push men. I was sore from the weekend workout and really didn’t want to get out there today. Without F3, I would have fartsacked for sure with nothing to show for my morning.

Thanks for the honor to lead today.

Until the next one. Aye!