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  • When: 09/15/16
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  • QIC: Madoff
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  • PAX: Top hat, Tiny tank, Jk2, Quiche, Mayor, Monk, Short sale, Billy Madison, Belt, Edison, Dolf, Tsquare

Thirteen pax chose to wake up before the roosters to Keep Pushing the Rock this morning at Goat Island, an impressive showing! Why 13? Because Brownstreak fartsacked. I’m confident things would have gone much smoother with his presence. We missed you Brother!

Warmup: SSHs (20), Don Quixotes (20), LBCs (20), Moroccan Night Clubs (20)

The Thang: After the WU, I took 15 seconds to offer a shameless plug for the upcoming Spartan Beast in Winnsboro, SC on Sat Oct 29th. It’s a 15 mile obstacle race with a little mud. There are at least 5 F3 men from our pax committed to run.  Sign up & join us! But I digress….back to the workout. I quickly offered up Top Hat’s crowd pleasing promise that there would be NO running today. Tears of joy and shouts of jubilation sprang forth from the pax…none louder than Dolf & the BRR boys.  As the ruckus waned, my conscious kicked in so I had to confess what I said was a complete lie. We did a quick count off and began the workout with a short Indian Run. We ran down the hill, took a right on the sidewalk, veered left behind City Hall & the church, made a hard right on Main St, and circled up to say the Pledge in the upper parking lot facing the flags at half-staff in honor of fallen Shelby officer Tim Brackeen.  With our minds and hearts suddenly “at attention”, Monk shared the Word of the Week.

At this point, I reminded the Pax the upcoming Beast is a 15 mile race. For this reason, I planned 15 pain stations (or exercises) for the completion of our time. The rules of engagement were as follows: 50 seconds of continuous exercise followed by 10 seconds to recover capped off with a lap around the building and up the stairs (there was lots of Rocky mumble chatter around the stairs) to the upper parking lot for the next exercise.  Simple enough, right? Here were the exercises:

  1. Burpees (just in time for the passing train)
  2. Rocky Balboa’s
  3. CDD’s
  4. Bobby Hurley’s
  5. Dercins
  6. Money Humper’s
  7. Bear Crawl
  8. Squats
  9. Bodies Hit the Floor – In need of a change of scenery, we mosey’d down to the gazeebo and circled up. The gazeebo proved to be a tight fit for our pax as we completed the 9th pain station. Since there was no wall to ruin & the guys were begging for more burpees, we did burpees in lieu of donkey kicks along with the usual merkins and plank.  As the music ended, we then Omaha’d the location & regrouped at the bridge to complete the workout. The new run route was limited to the bridge (across & back).
  10. Lunges
  11. Seal Jacks
  12. Plank Jacks
  13. Shoulder Taps

Time! Unfortunately we were not able to complete (14) hip slappers and (15) Pull Up Squats.

COT: announcements CSAUP event Nov 11-12, prayer requests, BOM & prayer

Tclaps to those making inaugural posts to Goat Island: Tiny Tank…an FNG on Tues at the Storm who chose to come back, Belt…a Folsom regular, and Billy Madison…posted early to the wrong location before eventually finding the pax.

It was an honor push the rock with you guys today. Aye!