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  • When: 4-7-16
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  • QIC: Garfield
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  • PAX: Sparky, Dolph, Hank, Medicine Woman, Mary Lou, Allen Tate, Huckleberry

The rainy morning started with a few quick warm-ups which included side straddle hop, don quixotes, hillbillies and a jog around the park. Once everyone was warm and ready to go we met on the tennis courts (6 courts wide) for suicides. Between each suicides, we recovered by pushing out 30 merkins. The first recovery was wide arm merkins, and then regular merkins and we finished up with diamond merkins. We ended the workout with a nice jog to the closest picnic shelter for LBC, ABC and Dips.
Nice work out Gentleman! Thanks for the opportunity to Q for the first time.

F3 Garfield

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