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  • When: 11/24/15
  • AO:
  • QIC: BA
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: BA (QIC), Monk, Outhouse, Anthrax, JoBu, Dolph, TopHat, Whoopie, Bandit, BrownStreak, TSquare, Mayor, Fresh Prince, Amelia, Tool Time, Squeeker, Stoganoff, Flintstone

18 PAX showed up to put in some work at #TheStorm early this morning.

Everyone jumped out of their cars and circled up and awaited 5:30am to get rolling.  BA quickly went through the legalities and the PAX said the Pledge Of Allegiance.  BA then explained that cheetahs don’t have to stretch when they go out and hunt/run so we won’t and took off for the weight room.  The PAX then learned that Deck Of Death was the activity of the day and things started.

WU: Nonexistent

-Pledge Of Allegiance-


Mosey to the weight room.

Circle up and find a spot in the weight room.


Deck Of Death-

Deck of cards is put in the middle of the room and the PAX takes turns pulling a card and leading the exercise.  The number on the card equals the amount of reps 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, Jack=11, Queen=12, King=13, and Ace=14.  If my math is right and it usually isn’t that means every exercise is done 104 times per 1 deck.  We would stick with 104 reps, but some of the PAX did an audible and did their exercise in cadence, extra reps, and holding in position, which was appreciated by all to make things harder. (Thanks Dolph, Whoopie, and anyone else I forgot).

This morning we went 3 rounds with 18 PAX so we did A LOT.

  • Hearts= Burpees
  • Diamonds= Merkins
  • Clubs= Weighted Squats
  • Spades= CDD

There was no break through 2 rounds, but then we did a double count off.

At this time I believe Mayor actually let everyone know he would of rather been running, which never happens.

At some time during one of the last rounds BA called OMAHA and the PAX did 30 LBC’s in cadence and 40 Moroccan Night Clubs in cadence, and 10 JoBu’s (aka Monkey Humpers) in cadence. Then we continued with another round of Deck Of Death….



We were already over time so we skipped count off and just did the following:

Announcements: Upcoming Q’s and 2nd F opportunity at Hickory Tavern this Wednesday at 6pm

Prayers: Safe travels to everyone this holiday

Coffeeteria: 1 at Floyd and Blackies in Cramerton


Today was definitely a day where the workout looked better on paper.  I did enjoy the PAX pushing each other and watching the puddle of sweat and spit collect under me during this workout.  Needless to say I am hurting a bit as I type this and I love it.

Again it was my pleasure to lead the PAX today!