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  • When: 11/27/2015
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  • QIC: Hambone
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  • PAX: The Stuffed

As many of us are apt to overeat as a way of giving thanks on this fine Thursday, a few men have banded together and decided to offer a convergence at North Meck Park from 0700 to 0800 on 11/27 (Black Friday) to help alleviate #TheStuffed.

After you’re good and smoked, you have three options.  The first option is to go shopping with the M–not recommended.  Your second option is to go home, clean up, and watch reruns of the 2015 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade–also not recommended.  The third option is to join The Pax at Primal Brewery for a brewski.  Yes, the fine folks at Primal Brewery begin serving at 0800 and we feel it’s our duty to go and support a small business on Black Friday.  This is not a TruthNugget–proof!