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  • When: 10/17/15
  • AO:
  • QIC: Brown Streak
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Stroganoff, T-Square, Anthrax, Wink, Linus, E4, Roscoe, Squeeker

9 PAXclimbed out of the comfy warm bed to battle the bitter cool air. They showed up slowly 1…….then 2………. 3,4,……. I was starting to feel bad thinking it was me. NAH! It has to be the weather…… Right?!?!? Anyway here’s what went down.

Mosey to the church……. No the other way, across from the school. There you go…. Mosey to lower parking lot…… It was the breakfast we smelt cooking that attracted us there. I told the 9 strong but cold pax “ok that was the warm up!” They looked surprised. I then repeated the math problem I posted on Twitter as my pre blast. 100-1= …. Surprisingly we have some math majors. That’s right! The 99 workout!!!! I could type it all out for you to read but it’s best as a hands on workout. So…. Look it up or scroll down to earlier in the year. We did it at the goat once before. After the workout we played “chutes and ladders.” Ok, well it was like it but not….. We moseyed up the zig zag parking lot doing burpees at each turn 15 in total. Then once at top of parking lot sprint down to the beginning. 10 mins left. We slow mosey back to museum for 5 min of Mary!

At the end of the hour the 8 strong men and I did this:
319-high knees
308sec- air squats
351sec- planking

Thanks for allowing me to be apart! Strong work guys!