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  • When: 10/13/2015
  • AO:
  • QIC: Mayor
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  • PAX: Linus, Anthrax, Monk, Dolph, Squeeker, E4, Tophat, Lucky Charms, BA, Brownstreak, Outhouse, Fresh Prince, T-square, Richard Simmons, Mayor

15 men answered the call this morning to ride the storm out.

Pledge of allegiance.

Warmup – SSH IC X10, Americans IC x10, MNC IC x10 and then to get wet with some LBC IC x10.

The Thang – Mosey across the parking lot and get a count. Partner up. One Jumps rope while the other sprints to the blocks for block curls, OH press or French curls for 20 reps and runs back. As many rounds as you can for 10 minutes.

Mosey a short distance around the corner. With the same partner do handstand push-ups in aggregate to 20 and then 20 squats. Once that’s done, hit the wall again for round 2.

After another short mosey back around the corner, it was time for the exercise relay (aka Bermuda triangle curtesy of Brownstreak) for rounds with different exercises at each corner. Corner one was Americans, corner two was squats and corner three…Burpees. Everybody starts exercising at the same time, but station one with 20 Americans started the charge. When they finished and ran to the next station and touch someone. They would then move to the next one and so on. The relay revolves around the 20 Americans being the trigger, but due to the “clerical error” the relay had to be ran a second time. The fellows at corner three started with Burpee’s, finished with Burpee’s and then had to do them second round.

After another mosey back to the flag, a 1…2…3…with your original partner for 100 lunges 200 squats 300 mountain climbers while partner does 25 LBC. Switch off and keep the count going.

Name-a-rama and COT.

It was a pleasure leading and being a part of the group with you fellows this morning.