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  • When: 10/06/15
  • AO:
  • QIC: BA
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: BA (QIC), Bandit, Dolph, Brown Streak, Mayor, Sunshine (FNG), Squeeker, E4, T Square, Top Hat, Abba, Lucky Charms, Richard Simmons, Anthrax, Halfback, Stroganoff

It is always great to Q at the greatest AO in F3 nation. 16 Men (including 1 FNG) enjoyed the cool air and the feel of concrete in their hands this morning.   As advertised there wasn’t much running (1.5 miles), but there was an upper body beatdown. It was good to see the PAX encouraging and pushing each other throughout the workout.  My goal was to have the PAX have trouble lifting their coffee cups later in the day.


All in cadence

  • SSH x 25
  • Merkins x 10
  • LBC’s x 25
  • Prayer Squats x 10

Recover and Say The Pledge Of Allegiance

Partner up and get a cinder block.  Mosey inside the entrance gate and set cinder block down…. we had to work with math as an FNG showed up late and threw off our numbering.


With Partner and Cinder Block-

  • Standing Chest Press x 300/Run to the press box and x5 Merkins
  • Curls x 200/Run to the press box  and x 5 CDD’s
  • French Curls x 100/Run to the press box x 5 Donkey Kicks (I liked hearing this in cadence)
  • Merkins on Cinder Block x 100/Run to the press box x 5 Merkins  (audible from 50 to 100)
  • Upright Row x 100/Run around the press box

Planking with right arm/right leg/left arm/left leg until PAX was done

In between each set we counted up and back…. at some points the counting got interesting and we thought we may have lost a guy, but all was good as we just realized our math is bad.

Mosey to BA’s truck to deposit the cinder blocks.


  • Count Off
  • Naming of FNG- Sunshine (Darnell Johnson)
  • Announcements: Hope Builders 5k, Mud Run, CLT Runway 5k
  • Prayers: 1. Prayers for Outhouses daughter who had a medical procedure. Waiting for results.   2. Praying for people affected by the floods in South Carolina.
  • Coffeeteria At Floyd And Blackies- 2 In Attendance