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  • When: 09/26/15
  • AO:
  • QIC: Goose, Bandit
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Goose, Bandit, Shrimp Boat, Stroganoff, Brown Streak, Richard Simmons, E4, Outhouse, Wink (respect), Abba, Roscoe, Dolph

As the sun continues to rises later these days 12 PAX gather at The Schiele as the rain kept coming down.  It was the gloom for sure!  Other than rain and the promise of a #DownPainMent, the PAX were given little insight into today’s activities.  After YHC’s brief disclaimer, Goose knocks out his VQ with authority for the warmup (nice job 2.0!)…

IW 20 IC
Merkins 20 IC
CH Squat 20 IC

The Thang
YHC leads the mosey to courtyard at Greer MS where PAX partner up (size doesn’t matter) for Dora 1-2-3 (100 merks, 200 lbc, 300 squats). While one partner does exercise, other partner runs stairs and then flip flops to continue to total specified total reps.

As PAX catch a quick breather, Goose gets the courtyard ready for some modified world cup action. Partners now become opponents as partner A becomes crab and partner B becomes bear for 20 minutes of soccer.  With each goal scored, crabs and bears flip flop (crab becomes bear and vice versa) and teams switch out goalies who plank in their positions.

Next we mosey back to The Schiele for Wall of Fire.  Everyone People’s Chair while first PAX completes 10 CDD, 10 lbc, and 10 burps/burpees.  Second PAX  starts once first PAX finishes CDDs.  Rinse and Repeat X2

Next we mosey across the street to wall at the Library.  We split into two groups.  Group A bear crawls up hill to sidewalk and back while group B does wall pull ups.  Once group A completes 2 rounds, groups filp flop.  Rinse and Repeat x2

Next up are Donkey Kicks x10 IC.  Rinse and Repeat x4.  Counting was IMPRESSIVE.  Definite crowd favorite today.  AYE!

Finally we mosey back to The Schiele for 2.5 minutes of Mary. Maybe we did some LBCs, not sure.  But we did finish with Dying Cockroach x10.

In the end, everyone put in big DownPainMent and walked away wet and stronger.  Just as YHC promised!