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  • When: 09/25/15
  • AO:
  • QIC: Ros “Q”
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Bandit, Roscoe, Richard Simmons, Brown Streak, Linus, Anthrax, Boss Hog (FNG, Respect), Defib, Outhouse, Dr. Feelgood, Headgear, Yak (FNG)

YHC had to call out potential fartsackers due to the weather forecast, and it seemed to work since we had twelve faithful and dedicated men show up to get better.  We started right on time under the weather protection of the Rotary Pavilion, but it didn’t last long.

The Warm Up:
We started with SSH, Prayer Squats (YHC was called for a false start because it was too early to count correctly) LBC’s, Don Quixote’s, Merkins
We then began a slow jog to the parking lot when we spotted Anthrax sneaking in to the lot. We circled back and completed five SSH (credit to Whoopie for introducing brief warmups for all late arrivals) and then moseyed to the Methodist Church for one minute of step ups.

Another brief run to the steps of the bank where we got the backs of our shirts wet and completed an ab routine that consisted of flutter kicks, backstrokes, Marge to Homer, and a crowd favorite, the Capital alphabet. There were lots of low groans and mumbling on this one but at least the rain kept us cool. The sound of a lonesome train whistle made me want to lead them to the tracks but a quick lane change turned into the group splitting up across the street. It was too dark and wet for Frogger, so we waited on our six until the rest could cross the street and regrouped at the base of the parking deck where we started…

The Thang:
At the bottom of one side of the deck, 5 burpees OYO. Lunge walk to the other side. Bearcrawl up the incline. Stairs down and go up the incline backwards while Bearcrawling (Joe Hendrix). Repeado x5 stopping twice to do some one minute rounds of LBC’s and jump squats. When we got towards the top we did some monkey humpers and then lunged up the incline and partered off for burpee long jumps across the top. One partner does burpee long jumps for ten yards and the partner lunges ten yards. Once we finally got to the top and enjoyed the drizzling rain, we did some merkins and then Bandit led us back to the flagpole for the Pledge, COT, and prayer.

Very happy to have a good showing today and especially to welcome FNG’s Yak and Boss Hogg to F3Nation. Roscoe loves having another Dukes of Hazzard character in F3 but unlike the television show, will never refer to him as my “little chubby buddy”.