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  • When: 09/04/2015
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  • QIC: Whoopee/Roscoe
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Bandit, E4, Monk, Roscoe, Anthrax, T-Square, Richard Simmons, Oliver, Outhouse, and Whoopee

Well, we started with 7 Pax but that quickly changed to 10 with the arrival of 3 more shortly after we started the warmup so the warmup was extended to make sure we all had time to get the juices going early this Friday morning at the Rotary. We did a couple rounds of SSH (any self respecting WU must have some SSH, in my opinion) and added an extra Merkin for each late arrival just to show our appreciation for their arrival. I had an unexpected meeting at 630am and had Roscoe in the bullpen so we got to it pretty quickly. The highlight of my day was donkey kicks with a big group “eee-ooohhhnnnn!!!” every 5th rep. Thought it was good on paper but turned out better than expected for me. Not sure how the rest of the herd felt but at this point guess it really doesn’t matter. Here is what I recall:

WU:SSH, Merkin, Mountain Climbers, Flutter kicks, IN COME THE LATE ARRIVALS, second round of SSH and just a few Merkins to acknowledge their presence….. did about 15 or so of each

The Thang-

Modified Indian run thru downtown (leader chooses path). First Pax drops off and does 10 Merkins while others continue Mosey, at completion of 10 Merkins he gets up and catches up to back of Indians and yells “go” at which time the leader peals off and does 10 Merkins….repeato until Q reaches pre-determined but undisclosed location at parking deck. At deck we started version of Jacob’s ladder: bottom of stairs 1 squat, run up stairs to top of deck and do 1 Scorpion Dry Dock (CDD with 1 leg up-my second favorite of the morning and will be a part of my future Qs in the near future). Outhouse attempted with both legs up for extra credit but not sure how well that turned out. Run down the stairs and increase squats to 2 then back up the stairs with 2 Scorpion Dry Docks…up to total of 7. Bandit did some extra credit SDDs which allowed me to pass him at the end. Would like to think he was just being nice but could have been excitement about the SDDs. Once this was completed we moseyed back towards the flagpole and the Donkey fun started.

Halfway back we stopped for a short donkey kick interlude….Donkey kicks in sets of 20 X 3 rounds with eeeeoooohhnnnnn at every 5th rep in cadence. We had a 15-20 second rest between sets to recover. The only thing that would have made this better would have been either more Pax for a louder battle cry or an audience of dumpster divers to cheer us on. Unfortunately for us we had neither but it still brought a smile to my face. Note to self: next time, more sets just because I liked it so much.

We then moseyed to the bridge for a little partner work with escalating Contra Burpees and some running. P1 started with flutters, P2 ran across the bridge and back. On arrival both P1/P2 did 2 burpees with single merkin portion. P2 then did flutters while P1 ran across then bridge and back at which time both P1/P2 did 2 burpees with 2 merkin portions. This continued until total of 5 merkins with each burpee then both Pax ran across the bridge and back.

I then went to my corner and tagged Roscoe who came in off the top ring ropes to deliver a 15 minute barrage of unrelenting punishment  along with some well-rehearsed vandalism…BIG THANKS TO ROSCOE.

I received my info from Roscoe…I consider him a very reliable source however there were no press/press/flings in his report so………..just saying, accuracy may need to be verified.

The pax were electrified as Roscoe took over and led a lunge walk across the train bridge followed by some prayer squats. The next exercise was people’s chair, but the tops of the half wall were not secure. To prevent a vandalism report with ten suspects (9 more than Roscoe was accustomed to in his younger years) they moseyed to the wall under the lights and performed the People’s Air Presses in cadence. Wise choice by the Q to walk on the right side of the thin blue line I might add.

The pax then moseyed to the Pavilion for some Homer/Marge on the big stage with some back stroke in the imaginary pool followed by a wave of Derkins  and then more Derkins in cadence. Merkins and step ups were followed by Freddy Merc then Namorama, COT, and finally the Pledge. Glad someone is remembering the pledge-always forget at the beginning due to my excitement about the WU and moving to the Thang.