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  • When: 08/21/15
  • AO:
  • QIC: Roscoe
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: E4, Defib, Outhouse, Dr. Feelgood, Richard Simmons, T-square, Foley (FNG), Roscoe, Whoopee

Posting for Roscoe…

9 PAX met in the Gloom among the Rotary Pavilion and didn’t need to travel far. Fred has short legs.

Warm up
Side Straddle Hop
Press Press Fling (Haters in the PAX)
Carolina Dry Docks
Around the world Merkins (Clock Dial)
The Thang
Indian Run carrying Fred: If Fred hits the ground, ten burpees. I think someone “accidentally” dropped Fred.

Petting Fred
The PAX formed two lines and tossed Fred to the other side and then performed Merkins and/or squats. When Fred hit the ground, and he did, ten burpees.
Fred had to urinate so we continued on without him.

1 minute SSH, Squat Jumps, Merkins, Mountain Climbers

Return to Flag for # PledgeofAllegiance

Leap Frog People’s Choice Aerobics:
The PAX formed a line and performed burpees OYO, the last man leapfrogs over the PAX to the front, and then calls the next exercise…
Burpees, Merkins, LBC’s, French Fries, Burpees, 8 count body builders, plank jacks, Freddie Mercury

1 minute of step ups on the Pavilion Stairs

Alphabet abs: Each PAX on top step of Pavilion for Heels to sky aka Homer/Marge. First PAX starts with A and spells it in large letters with feet together, next guy B while everyone keep feet of the ground. (Dr. Feelgood doesn’t know his ABC’s…had to keep asking which letter was next)

Wave merkins to failure….the PAX formed a circle in merkin starting position. One PAX would go down for the Merkin and the next guy around the “Stadium” and continue until failure. Just like at real stadiums, it took a few starts to get it going correctly.

COT, Prayer with Roscoe

Announcements: Tomorrow we help move Rudolph since he is on IR. Next Saturday another workday at the Rotary Garden (Dr. Feelgood). Dr. Feelgood shouted out well wishes to Bandit aka Long Root. He is on IR for a week or so.
Virgin Q for Roscoe and I appreciate the support (Whoopee). Welcome FNG Foley and hope to continue to grow F3 Gas House and become #HIM.