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  • When: 08/18/2015
  • AO:
  • QIC: Bannister
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Bandit, Flintstone, Monk, Anthrax, E4, Woody, Jock Strap, Top Hat, Outhouse, T-Square, D-Fib, Richard Simmons, BA, Godfather, Joboo, Squeaker, Stroganoff, Bannister

18 PAX showed up hoping to do a workout in the rain…not much there.  Warmup consisted of:

15- SSW IC

15- Imperial Walkers IC

15- Merkins IC

15-LBC’s IC

15-Mountain Climbers

Took to the field and ran one lap, then proceeded to run 100 yards to other end for some field work.   Godfather commented we should’ve stopped on the other side during the run.  Good idea but not as fun.

Sleddin’ and Tire Flippin’

Broke off into 4 groups behind tires or sleds. Goal for sleds was to have one PAX every 20 yards.  First PAX pushes 20 yards and hands off to next.  Sled should go 100 yards and back.  While teammates waited for the sled they could do Merkins, LBC’s or SSH.  Teams with tires were to flip for 10 yard intervals then hand off while teammates completed their exercises.  Tire should go 50 yards. Those things are a lot heavier than they look…especially when wet.

Next we mosey’d to the bleachers and split into two group.  First group did people’s chair while second group ran the snake up and down the bleacher stairs.  Groups switched. Our first “last one” was a second rep of the same.

All headed up the stairs for the “last” (sorry, Q wasn’t that great with his watch) exercise.  Two rounds of 15 Dips each on bleachers.  Jogged back to parking lot for final last round of incline Merkins x 15. May have lost count at some point but gotta keep a good thing going.

Name-O-Rama and Prayer

BA can still use donations for Storm players who need equipment.