• Post Type:
  • When: 08/15/15
  • AO:
  • QIC: Hambone
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Roscoe, Top Hat, Clowney, Linus, Abba, T-Bone, 777, Bandit, Freight, Pele, Stroganoff, Whoopee, (Orphan) Annie, Yo Boo, Monk, Arizona, Anthrax, Yo Adrian, Godfather, El Tigre, Spiderman, Screw, E4, Dr. Feel Good

Twenty-five of Gastonia’s (and a little bit of Charlotte’s…most Gastonia’s) finest men posted to strive for greater heights and kill the SadClown.  The men started with a simple jog up past the Schiele Museum and to the track near the high school.  The Warm-o-Rama consisted of:

20 x IC SSH

15 x IC TS

15 x IC IST

10 x IC Merkins

After the PAX was awakened, a hint of #TheWorm from last Saturday was pulled from beyond the gloom and into the morning; the men proceeded to do the Burpee Mile:

20 x Burpees

1/4 mile run

Repeato x 4

After the men were good and tenderized (but not yet smoked), they proceeded to the bleachers to smoke the shoulders and chest with:

10 x IC Decline (or Incline) Merkins

10 x IC Dips

Repeato x 3

(Note: Godfather’s wit saved the PAX 2 dips on the third set)

With some parts of the Ham still needing to be smoked, the men moved onto the track for:

50m Bear Crawl

50m Crab Walk

50m Bear Crawl

50m Crab Walk

Some liberties were taken with the Crab Walk portion; men began lunging, walking, and doing extra Bear Crawls.  Though not ideal, sometimes it’s best to give in and live a little part of the Ham without the smoky flavor…well, no, everything got smoked.

After smoking the front and back side, the PAX proceeded to The Tooth Fairy to pick up Annie and perform 10 x IC Merkins–no sweat!

Good and smoked, the PAX returned to Schiele for a little Mary consisting of:

20 x IC LBCs

20 x IC LF

20 x IC Mason Twists

Homer-to-Marge (No Count)


  • It was truly an honor to lead the PAX of GasHouse.  Between a great AO and PAX, it’s no surprise that the crew is large and works furiously
  • Bear Crawls and Crab Walks down and old track are not hand-friendly.  #DulyNoted
  • Clowney–your sponsor went UA?  Razzy him at the next post.
  • Annie–looks like you’re on your own now!  Much respect for posting and finishing with the PAX
  • As mentioned before, Godfather’s wit saved some Merkins–Whoopee!  Linus and E4 had no complaints.
  • Many thanks to El Tigre and Arizona for making the trek down and posting.  We may not be great and coordinating travel, but least we post strong!
  • 777–Looking strong, brother.  GasHouse is treating you well.
  • Monk, Abba–you guys related?  Must be a spiritual thing
  • Anthrax, Stroganoff, T-Bone–is smoked Ham now your thing?
  • Yo Boo, Yo Adrian–are you guys Qing the Rocky AO someday?
  • Freight, Bandit–are you guys related?
  • Pele – digging the ride, brother.  Very Nice!
  • Screw – Almost the War Baby–keep posting!!
  • Spideman, Dr. Feel Good, Top Hat–you guys can Co-Q the Marvel Comic Workout someday!
  • Roscoe – Nice name–I use it as an outside-of-F3 name.  Much Respect.
  • Shout out if I missed you.  If I did, coffee is on me next time.